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wedding abroad ??

imageimageimage hi girls well im new to all this and we want to go and get married abroad but with not being catholic were not to shore ! Would it be easier to go to the register office in our own country then get a blessing abroad ? if so would i still need to purchase a full wedding package ? im so confused xxx


  • sarahs1982sarahs1982 Posts: 441
    Where are you thinking of getting married hun? It will depend on which country you decide to get married in really. We are getting married in Spain and with not both being catholic or resident there we have opted for a really low key registry office ceremony here followed by a wedding blessing with all our friends and family in Spain.

    There are lots of countries where you wouldn't need to have a "legal" ceremony here though - I think! x.
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835

    We are getting married in Sardinia and are having a legal ceremony in the town hall and then later the same day having a symbolic ceremony on the beach.

    We will be leagally married when we come back but need to take a few documents with us to prove we can legally get married there. x
  • We was thinking cyprus as we want family too be there so think its the more affordable place for them to join us ! What are your budgets ladies if you dont mind me asking ? We really dont have a clue where to start and with the other half being in afghanistan at the mo ive got to try figure it alone till hes back . I told him today we couldnt get married in a church abroad with not being catholic but the idea of us getting married abroad was so we didnt have to do the whole church thing anyway so not to bothered really .Do you think doing it in the town hall in the uk would be ok and not telling anyone and going abroad for a blessing with the family and making it be our official big day ? X im confused x
  • Hi ladies thanx for your replie ! We was thinking cyprus as we want it to be affordable for family to join us over there . What are your budgets if you dont mind me asking ? ive been looking through the "first choice" wedding brochure today and the wedding packages seam very cheap why is this i was expecting in to be around 10 k it makes it harder with the other half being in afghanistan at the moment and having to try to figure this all out myself lol :/

    So with none of us being catholic the church wedding is out for us but the piont of us getting married abroad was so we could do it how we wanted and not in a church . Do you think getting married in the register office in the uk would be easier then going booking a package to get it blessed with family abroad maybe ?? im so confused !! x
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