Hi everyone. Thought I would introduce myself to you all. My name is Sam, I'm 23, and I'm getting married to my wonderful fiance Mike on 27th August this year. We got engaged last June, and sort of put off the planning until a few weeks ago but things are moving really fast and I am VERY excited! So far I have had no stresses. I'm getting married at Stroud Registry Office and having my reception at The Halfway House in Box. We have a really early ceremony - 10.30AM (is that really early or am I just used to weddings being midday and later?) so it's going to be a long day, but hopefully a very lovely long day!

Anyway, other than that - I am getting a puppy this evening! Another thing to be excited about, AND I'm starting a new job on the 4th April. All is mad here but very, very exciting and the future seems very bright.

Hope you are all happy and well and having wedding planning successes! image


  • Hello Sam,

    You are welcome to this nice forum. Congratulation in advance for your upcoming marriage. God bless you all.
  • NowMrsWoodNowMrsWood Posts: 438
    Hey Sam, welcome! and congratulations!

    Sooo jealous, me and H2B really want a puppy but live in a first floor flat so not pratical - dog sitting for a friend at the mo and she has a 10 week boxer puppy, so cute! image
  • Hi Sam,


    I'm getting married on the same day as you!! All be it a bit later.

    How much have you got planned already?

    Have fun on the site!
  • flossycat100flossycat100 Posts: 6,527 New bride
    Hi Sam! Welcome and congrats image
  • Welcome Sam image

    Huge congrats on your forthcoming wedding this August image glad to hear all is running smoothly!

    I get married slightly after you come September time but am starting a new job on 4th April too and am very excited hee hee!

    What job are you starting?

    I am not getting a puppy image lol but we live in a flat and no animals allowed!! I have made up for this by filling our home with lots of cuddly teddies thoimage
  • Hey Sam.... date twin!!!
  • lol I like your user name flying sghetti monster image
  • willbeMrsPwillbeMrsP Posts: 476
    Hi Sam

    I'm getting married in September but have got our first couple of stresses - hoping we dont get any more!!

    What sort of puppy are you getting? You'll have to put a pic on here!! I want a kitten but h2b says not until after the wedding but to be honest I just don't think he's a cat fan!!

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