problem with ring sizes

ive had my engagement ring since last year and never been happy with the fit of it. when i first got it the size was way to big, so it had to be made smaller, then the ring felt too tight so it was made half a size bigger,and now it feels too big! aghh! its really annoying me as i really dont wana end up with it falling off my finger! and i dont know if resizing it all the time will effect the platinum.....i love the ring tho, anyone got any advice? haha imageops: image image image


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    Hi, I'm actually a jeweller, resizing platinum itself will not damage the ring, it only becomes an issue if you have diamonds in the shoulders or have a quad or tension set style ring, where your centre diamond is held together in a vice style setting.

    You may find that the smaller size was correct to begin with, as rings always feel horribly uncomfortable and tight until your finger gets used to wearing it. My advice is to wait it out over the summer and see how your finger is over the warmer months, as our hands generally swell in the heat. As long as you still have a tug over the knuckle you shouldn't loose the ring. It may be worth popping into a local jewellers to double check your size if you don't want to wait though. Hope that helps! image
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    I would avoid getting it sized too often as this can really weaken the setting of the stone, you have to be so careful!! It won't affect the platinum but you will get joining lines every time you get it resized and it's generally not good for the ring. Your fingers will change size depending on the temperature so it will often feel tighter in the summer. You have to find a size where it will be snug in summer and not too loose in winter, which is difficult!! My ring was sized down when I bought it and it is being sized down again 2 years later as it was almost falling off my finger (must have lost weight without realising it)! My finger now measures as a size H but I'm getting my ring made to a size H and three quarters as I was measured on a very cold day and your fingers tend to get bigger as you age and I don't want to have to get it resized in another few years!! Jewellers tend to say it's only good to size it a few times so please be careful!! Also remember, whenever a ring is made bigger the band is simply stretched which means it gets thinner. If it's falling off your finger you have to get it smaller though as you don't want to lose it.

  • I've had mine resized twice (made smaller each time) and the jeweller didn't mention any negatives about getting it resized or how many times you do so... however mine is a single solitaire dimond so no complexities regarding the band.

    Mine is still a little loose but it's still quite cold in the air and I think it will fit a bit more snug in the summertime and we are getting married in Sep so am hoping it will be ok

    What sizes did you adjust from? If it it is irritating you I guess it might be worth speaking to your jeweller about it, mine swivels a little but nothing that irritates me, as long as it can't slip off your finger that's the most important thing but you want it to be comfortable too!

    Mine feels like a second skin now, even when I take it off to wash up or do some housework it still feels like its on! lol
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    thanks for all of your advice, much appreciated. my ring was origninally a size L, then got sized to a K, then K1/2. think I will wait until summer and if i'm still not happy i'll go back to the jewellers, it just feels slightly lose but the weather isnt the warmest at the min. its a platinum solitaire so if i do get it sized 1/2 down it may not harm the diamond too much! thaks for all your advice again! image image image
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    My ring sometimes feels too big (when I'm cold), sometimes just right.

    I've decided to use a ring snuggy for now then see what it's like when I'm wearing my wedding ring next to it as my fingers are at their narrowest at the bottom (i.e. where my engagement ring lies currently).

    Hope you get yours sorted!
  • Glad other b2bs have had this issue as I've been worried if mine is too big. Think when I get the wedding bands done I may ask for it to be reduced half a size for piece of mind. I'm scarred of losing it when I'm cold as the knuckle does nothing to prevent it from coming off.
  • oh my god, I feel the same!

    My ring's diamond is four prong is not set with a basket, so its very "open", its platinum so not sure how weak it will get if I get it resized too much. It was very snug when I got it in Jan (when it was cold) and left a mark on my finger, now its been resize 3/4 size up, i think its to loose (in winter). It getting warmer now and its getting better, but I am still so so paranoid it will come off. It spins on my finger. Shall I get it sized down again?

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