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hi, I'm a newbie!

Looking at venues, it's sooo hard but very exciting!!! All so nice but have no idea of costs and what's reasonable!

Looking at around 150 for sit down and maybe up to 170 for eve.

We want to book soon to make sure we get date 13/07/13.

Needs to be east Herts broxbourne areas. Any brides who are way ahead of me and in these areas any advice re venue how much etc would be ever so kind of you.



  • I live in Watford, Herts..

    Not sure what type of venue you are looking for really??

    Manor house/hotel/castle/barns etc
  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
    Try ...

    Manor of Groves Hotel, they have two options for weddings but only The Manor Suite would be big enough. It's in High Wych near Sawbridgeworth. Here's a few pictures of the Manor Suite [eating area] that we took at the last wedding we photographed there in March.

    Good luck with the planning image
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