Venues in Bedfordshire / Hertfordshire

My H2B and I got engaged a couple of weeks ago - we are not planning on getting married until 2013 but I want to get the venue booked and a deposit put down this within the next 6 months!

So, I was wondering if anyone had an recommendations for lovely places in the Herts / Beds area? I live in Hitchin and my H2B lives in Luton - but willing to travel a bit to the perfect place.

Places in mind so far are:

Wrest Park

Woburn Abbey

I'm open to all suggestions!


  • Slinky30Slinky30 Posts: 25
    Horwood House - my reception venue

    Flitwick Manor

    Moore Place

    Eversholt Hall

    Bletchly Park

    Woodland Manor


    Woburn sculpture gallery /inn

    can't think of anymore at the mo image
  • ezz100ezz100 Posts: 1,029 New bride
    I visited a few of them are my impressions

    Bletchley ...different... but it stays open to public who can be walking down corridors. The bar area was dirty with 2 oldish cream leather sofas and lots of panelling which makes it dark. I think it needs a refurb !

    Horwood - Lovely room to marry in and lovely grounds. The staff were fab too. The reception rooms are in the conference part of building and lack the character of the other part of building but OK and certainly spacious. Lots of facilities and rooms cheap.

    Woburn - Wow ! Grand but friendly. Just amazing to see and the grounds are fab. Once seen never forgotten. Food great I am told. Staff are wonderful but it is pricey. Check out any days when it's when other things are being run in grounds which you won't see.

    Good luck!
  • Been to weddings at:

    Sopwell House (nice but other brides there on same day)

    St Michael's Manor St Albans (amazing, beautiful and by far the best I've been to)

    Pendley Manor TringLovely grounds with peacocks, slightly smaller room for wedding though so depends on numbers)
  • Slinky30Slinky30 Posts: 25
    There are also reception rooms in the main part of the Hotel at Horwood House rather than the conferencing area. Think it depends on how many you are having. They have also just refurbished some of the reception rooms.
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    Luton Hoo (lovely, grand, massive, expensive)

    Offley Place more intimate, not sure what the function rooms are like)

    Harpenden House (we didn't like it there though)

    Luton Auction House (nice inside not outside)

    Putteridge Bury (outside looks a lot nicer than inside)

    We're getting married at Whipsnade Zoo and staying at Old Palace Lodge.
  • Luton Hoo

    Fanhams Hall

    Moor Park

    What type of venue are you looking for, what's your budget, as that will help with looking into venues?

    Just depends on what you want and what you can afford??

    I live in Watford so very local image
  • maris1111maris1111 Posts: 351
    I'm at Sopwell House I was not fussed about other brides its unlikely I'll run into one as we're down one end in other rooms.

    St Michaels also looks lovely - and it looks reasonable too until they tell you that you HAVE to book ALL the rooms and pay a lot for exclusive use of the venue, after which point it became really pricey!

    We went to the Three Lakes that was absolutely gorgeous but we wanted somewhere with a hotel on site so we could not have to go anywhere at the end of the day.

    South Farm was stunning but prices don't include VAT on their website and they have lots of hidden extras - like charging to put their dancefloor up.

    We also went to see Letchworth House Hotel that was very nice but we just preferred Sopwell in terms of the decor and Ponsbourne Park was quite pretty but we found it overpriced compared to Sopwell.

    Happy hunting
  • I would recommend 'your herts and beds wedding magazine' as it lists loads of venues:

    Tewin Bury Farm -near Welwyn

    Hatfield House -Hatfield

    Hunton Park- near Watford

    Ponsbourne Park -Hertford

    Three Lakes-Ware

    Hanbury Manor- Ware

    Notley Abbey- near Thame

    Coltsfoot- Datchworth

    Swan Hotel- Bedford

    Offley Place-Hitchin

    The Grove-Watford
  • GattinaRosaGattinaRosa Posts: 822
    Thanks for the reception suggestions girls! I'll do some research into them and get some viewings booked!

    My future sister in law got married at Sopwell House in December and we were really impressed with it. Although, we didnt get to see any grounds there it was very very cold!!!! We didnt see any other brides there either!
  • GattinaRosaGattinaRosa Posts: 822
    Sorry Clare_Jeffery, forgot to answer your questions.....

    In terms of venue, I would like something a bit historic looking, with some nice outdoor space, as we want a summer wedding. Wrest Park probably sums up the sort of thing I would like!

    As for the budget, I'd probably say a max of £10k for the venue - including food and evening buffet. I would prefer to spend less (obviously) but if we saw something we loved, it would be worth it!
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    We got married at the Priory barn in Wymondley- beautiful old barn- maybe not quite what you're thinking of but the grounds are beautiful too. Should be within your budget depending on numbers.

  • we've just booked The Grove in Watford, its a very modern and edgey venue inside but really traditional on the outside with huge grounds and amazing bedrooms!

    we also looked at Moor Park in Rickmansworth, gorgeous old manor house and really suprisingly affordable! i think it can look quite intimidating and expensive but the quote we got was amazing!

    both venues do civil ceremonies too, not sure if your looking for civil or church wedding!

    Happy planning!!! x
  • Yeah you have loads of choice around this area.. having said that.. me and H2B don't like any of the Hertfordshire venues, it's a bit of a nightmare.. but there are so many venues around.. am sure you'll have loads of choice.

    We are going to few Wrest Park!! Does look nice.
  • n_e_rosen_e_rose Posts: 1,562
    studham barn,

    the five bells in stanbridge,

    boxmoor hall, hemel hempstead,

    hatfield house,

    coltsfield country retreat,

    the proiry barn, little Wymondley

    hitchin proiry,

    moreteyne manor, between mk and bedford,

    high elms manor, watford,

    fanham hall, ware,

    the node, Codicote
  • GattinaRosaGattinaRosa Posts: 822
    Again, thanks for the suggestions! Didnt know there were so many nice places around Herts! Cant wait to start looking!
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