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Just need a bit of help understanding what to do lol !! I am about to book my wedding for 2013 !! I know that you can book the registrar provisionaly at this point, but someone mentioned that i have to contact my local registrar as well as the one in the town where we are going to marry !! Im really confused how it works so if any1 can explain how it works that would be fab hehe thanks x


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    Hi, I had this problem (we are getting married next year back where our families live). You should definitely contact the registrar in the place where you are getting married as soon as you've got a date set. They will charge you something like £30 and then you know they'll be where you want them on the right date and at the right time. You'll have to pay another £400-odd nearer the time, but don't think about that yetimage You then have to meet with the registrar where you live AND where you're getting married, if it's in a different area, but you can't do this until it's less than a year to go. The lovely registry office lady I spoke to advised me to book this for this June, as we are getting married the following May. If you call the Reg office in your wedding area, they can talk you through it x
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    Thanks for that !! We are booking our venue on Friday so i will ring the place on friday when we have got a def date !! It going to be a pain because my OH lives in a dif area to me lol so going to have 2 contact 3 offices ohh the joys hehehe xx
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    £400 odd image image

    In Bridgend i payed £63 for our marriage licence and then will have to pay £83.50 the day of our wedding. How was yours so much?
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    We also got told it would be £400! I did a bit of research and that seemed to be the going rate!! x
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    Im having a chuch wedding. Would that make a differance perhaps?
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    I think fees are set by your local council so can vary across the country.

    We will be paying £460 for our registrars to come to our venue this year. Bear in mind that your fee will probably be set in the year of your ceremony - not when you book. In 2008/9 ours would have cost £385. You also pay for each copy of the marriage certificate - currently £3.50 and we paid £33.50 each when we gave notice.

    Cost also depends on the day of the week. These were the 2008/9 prices in Bucks:

    Registry office - £40 (payable on the day)

    Licensed venues (payable 3 months before):

    Monday to Thursday - £285

    Friday & Saturday - £385

    Sunday & Bank Holidays - £460

    Ours is a Friday wedding so it's gone up by £75 in just a couple of years.

    Hope this might be of interest.
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    Oh wow image 400 is A LOT!

    We're getting married in the town hall on a weekday, and our fee is 115 total. 50 to book, and 65 a few days before (but we've paid for it).
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