hi ya

i was woundering what people thought and whether they had done a simlar thing, i really enjoy going cross stitch at the moment its the onli thing at the minute when i seem to have a bad day it will help me relax, and i wanted to show off my talents, and i thought about incorropirating it into my favours or even having a favour that it jsut something that is cross stitched.

what do you think? do u thnik this would look tacky? please be honest?

thank you


  • DuddersDudders Posts: 1,659
    Lovely idea - not sure what you have in mind but you could combine it as a place name.

    Only thing is if you have plenty of time until your wedding - I know some of my bigger cross stitch pictures take over a month even doing several hours a day!!
  • I think it's a lovely idea but I agree with Dudders, give yourslef planty of time, I do cross stitch and I know how time consuming it can be, go for something small and simple if you do it image
  • yh it will be sumthing small, like an inital with a butterfly on (as butterflys are in my theame) and i have plenty of time im not getting married til summer 2014 at the latest unless we have a big cash injection then it will be earlier lol x
  • I agree, its a sweet idea, and personal. Are you going to make something that its functional or decorative. My favours are crytsal rose ornaments and i really like the fact that they can be displayed in peoples houses to remind them of the say- not sugared almonds that get shoved in the drawer for months on end! xxx
  • GattinaRosaGattinaRosa Posts: 822
    I love that idea! I love knitting and I was thinking about trying to make a little something for everyone. Like a little flower hair clip for the gals and ... something a little more manly for the guys.

    Not sure yet though, but I love the idea of the personal touch!
  • joeyanniejoeyannie Posts: 172
    sounds lovely! I did think of this being an avid cross-stitcher, but in the end didn't leave myself enough time and also had a major wobble about how upset I would be if loads of people just left them on the table (as often happens with sweets etc).

    In the end I embroidered thank you cards for those who helped out with our wedding and for the parents etc and went with more standard favours all round.

    If you have the time and patience go for it...I would be thrilled to get something so personal as a favour at a wedding!
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    My friend cross stiched all of her place names and did an emblem on them this was lovely. If you have that much time how about cross stitched book marks as favours
  • thank u for your opinions ladies, and ur ideas image

    i like th idea for the name pleaces but already got them sorted as ive seen some absolultly stunning ones image x
  • Hazel85Hazel85 Posts: 374
    I did everyone a key ring for a New Year's Eve table favour, just cross stitched their initial, and they went down a storm - a lovely idea as you've got the time!
  • yeah i like the idea of there intial because i have recently bought some intials with butteflys on as butterflys are in my theame.

    what did you do for the men hazel? x
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