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Hi girls just abit confused about the order off the day am having everything at the same venue so ceremony at 2pm surely that dosnt last long so what time would the reception begin and how long does that last and then what time should I ask my evening guests too come ? I really don't want it to be later than 7 I would like them ideally to arrive about 6 ?? Help xx


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    Does your venue have a wedding co-ordinator that could help you with something like that? My friend had a civil ceremony at 2 as follows:

    2.00 Ceremony

    2.30 Drinks Reception

    4.00 Seat guests for wedding breakfast

    6.00 Speeches

    6.30 Break for the room to be turned around

    7.30 Band starts

    12.00 Finish

    It really all depends though on whether you will be in the same room all day etc. If not you will have to allow for the room to be turned around for in between the ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening party.
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    my venue kindly gave me a schedule once I gave them the ceremony time.

    My ceremony is 2:30pm

    3pm-4:30pm is photos and drinks

    4:30pm meal

    7pm room cleared/band set up

    8:15pm cake cutting ceremony and first dance

    9:15pm evening buffet served

    You should probably allow 7-7:30pm for your evening guests to arrive, you don't want them turning up while you're still eating/half way through speeches.

    We're not in the same room all day. I have a ceremony room, reception room, bar and lounge. It depends if you're having a buffet or sit down meal as well. You have to allow for service time and if you're having tea/coffe after the meal (which your older guests may appreciate).

    Hope this helps.
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    Yeah we are in the same room. I have never been to a wedding before so I don't really know how long things last for. Aww I really wanted evening guests to come about 6 ish xx
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    It depends what time your ceremony is but things do take a lot longer than you think! Why not have ceremony at 12 then wedding breakfast at 2 then you should be able to have eve reception starting at 6?

    Or if that's not possible then still have ceremony at 2 but you will not have much time for photos and drinks but sit down for wedding breakfast at 3 then eve guests by 6.30 for sure. Could you do photos before ceremony or do you not want to see you fiance?

    Def talk to your venue they will have done timings for hundreds of weddings!
  • Venues normally provide you with a basic rough order of the day when they send you your contract.
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