'Abroad' theme wedding favours ideas?

Hi Everyone,

I am getting married in Cyprus in June 2012. I am after ideas for wedding favours, i think i want something thats fits in with our 'abroad' theme?

can anybody help please?


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    How much do you want to spend per guest?
  • EmsBuddyEmsBuddy Posts: 280
    Im not sure, what is the average price on favours?

    There will be roughly 15 people coming to Cyprus with us so, we can afford to spend a little bit more than average.

    Sorry, im no help whatsoever, am i?
  • Is there any that is local to your venue..

    Like a drink or food
  • MrsW_tobeMrsW_tobe Posts: 106
    I am getting married in Rhodes next June. We are planning to take some personalised ribbon out there with us and then buy small bottles of ouzo and small pots of greek honey for the wedding favours.
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    When I went to a friends wedding in Cyprus she gave flipflop tea lights as a favour.


    They were inside a favour box with some jelly beans (as chocolate would melt in the heat!) and are small enough to travel with.

    You can also get deckchair place card holders; shell salt & pepper shakers; beaches in a bottle -so quite a lot of things that would have an "abroad" / "beach" vibe to them.

    http://www.lamourcollection.com/Favors BKA.htm
  • gemmacaidengemmacaiden Posts: 237
    You can get personalised paper fans x
  • EmsBuddyEmsBuddy Posts: 280
    Thank you, these are great! image

  • I was guna have these mini suitcases as our wedding favours as we was origionaly going to get married abroad
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    I went to a wedding in Cyprus a couple of years ago and we were given little local olive oil soaps in organza bags, with a thank you card explaining where it was made. This was for 150 people so can't have been too expensive. olive oil and local wine are nice but with liquids you have to think of people travelling with just hand luggage (although to Cyprus they probably won't)Let us know what you decide!
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    aww i love those little suitcases where are they from?
  • GOE2012GOE2012 Posts: 103
    I've had this same problem we're getting married September 2012 in Cyprus plus I wanted something that meant I didn't have to take much across with me as I think will already be struggling luggage wise.

    So I found Cyprus have a local spirit called Zivania they also do a red Zivania. It can only be produced in Cyprus I was planning on getting mini bottles of this & dressing them up with personalised tags & ribbons etc & then getting something else thats a local thing either food or soap in an organza bag xx
  • Yes please do share where the little suitcases are from. I love them! image
  • The mini suitcases are from a website called beau-coup.com there from america...but check ebay they had some on there a few months ago or type mini suitcase favours into google it should bring a few up. Hope this helps x x
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    We had personalised fans from fanfairuk for the ladies which were on their seats for the ceremony.

    At the table, we had personalised lip balms and a little candle for the ladies and personalised mint tins and pearl cufflinks for the gents. There were also pashminas for the ladies in case they got chilly in the evenings.

    Head over to the Wedding Abroad section and have a little search - the links are all on there for where quite a few of us bought the tins/lip balms x
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    My sister got married in ibiza last year. for her favours she bought little wooden star fish photo frames and i painted them to match her colour scheme (coral with a shimery gold finish) then she put pretty little pictures of ibiza in them, sunsets, the chapel she got married in etc. Was quite sweet!
  • EmsBuddyEmsBuddy Posts: 280
    These are absolutely great!!

    Thank you all so much, i love the ideas of those suitcases but i also want to give them a piece of Cyprus.

    Thank you x
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    Hi how about leather luggage tags ? you can get some really unique one's with little saying's on them and tailor them to each individual guest, then everytime they go on holiday they will remember your wedding ! I would love some of these

    check out


  • How about wine glass charms with a dangly charm that somehow fits into the abroad theme (maybe a starfish, or flip flop, etc) and the beads to colour match ur scheme? Pretty and also dont take up much space in your luggage either. I make these so if interested, let me know and I can do u a deal hun. Depending on the dangle charm, I can make these for as little as £1.50 for 5 (so 30p each!), inbox me here or email me [email protected] x x
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    Fantastic, thanks everyone

    Worcesterbride2b, thanks, i'll get back to you on that one x
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    We had these suitcase tins (there are various different personalised stickers you can choose from)

    We also had personalised sandalwood fans.

    What about putting a local sweet in each suitcase or favour tin? xx
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    If anyone is looking for wedding favours in Ibiza, I can recommend www.weddingfavoursibiza.com


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