Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs wedding theme

Hi ladies,

I am new to this forum. Joined up today! So still learning lol.

I normally go on UKbride, but fancied a change.

Firstly, Hi image I am getting married 20th September this year at the Inn on the lake in the Lake District. Cant wait!

Ok, so why Snow white theme? Well when I was little my Mum used to call me Snow White (I was pale, had really jet black hair and rosey cheeks). She used to dress me up in a snow white outfit all the time. My Mum sadly passed away March 2010.

When I went dress shopping (the first time I might add), I really wanted to try some Hollywood dreams dresses on, because I absolutely love them! I picked 4 out I think, and tried 2 on, and decided they were too big, I felt like one of those gypsys lol! So was going to just put the other 2 back, so I tried the one on I had tried on at another shop, thinking that was the one, and didnt feel the magic I did in the other shop. So the lady took me back into the changing room and persuaded me to try another hollywood dreams one on. She told me she thought I would look stunning in it, so I tried it on.

When I looked up into the mirror, she said...'Gosh, you look just like snow white'. This sealed that the dress was the one, and I feel it was my mums way of telling me she loved it too.

So thats the dress I got. It was a sample dress too. Reduced from £1500 to £950. I would never have been able to afford £1500, so it was just fate! And the dress is in perfect condition, still crisp white!!

We were thinking of using a mirror table plan anyway, and also a wishing well post box...and both these items fit in to our theme already! My other ideas are apple shaped candles for place names and favours, a tree like centerpeice, which we are working on, tables named after the 7 dwarfs.

Any more ideas? I dont want to go OTT on the cartoony/childish things. I want to keep it really tasteful and classy. xx


  • A found a few cool pictures!

  • ooh, you should definitely have red shoes! I had purple and everyone commented on them!

    Red apples on tables would be cool too, maybe for place names. Just attach a little paper flag to cocktail sticks and pop them in!

    If you're having a table plan display it on an ornate mirror.

    You could also incorporate 'the woods' by having table centres with some twigs in them, maybe with some bird decorations!?!

    Hearts would have to feature somewhere too! Your cake could be a castle!

  • PeasnCarrotsPeasnCarrots Posts: 1,831
    Red shoes and head band would be amazing!
  • I'm having a Disney themed wedding in November. My h2b and I are HUGE Disney fans and, like you, are careful not to make it childish/tacky. We're naming our tables after Disney movies we grew up with, i.e. Pinnochio, Fos & the Hound, Bambi, etc. We're putting some trivia questions relating to that particular table as an ice breaker. I started a thread a while ago so search 'Disney' and you should find it.

    If I were having just a Snow White theme, I would definately have my table plan eteched on an oval mirror and use red apples as place names by adding a tag around the stalk. Scatter diamonds on the tables as the dwarfs work in a diamond mine. Your wedding card post box could either be a wishing well or the box the huntsman was given for Snow white's heart. If I think of anything else I'll let you know.
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    Ooooh I love seeing other Inn on the Lake brides on here. We get married there on August 16th 2013.

    It all sounds fab, especially the red shoes! What about toffee/ candy apples?

    What are your bridesmaids wearing?
  • Hi ladies,

    Sorry, I havent started this thread correctly really have I.

    I will post photies of my current ideas now!

    2 ticks x
  • Firstly, we only came up with the theme idea over Christmas. So before this, our colours were deep purple, with dashes of ivory and cerise pink to add a little quirkyness.

  • Here is my dress, that was my main inspiration for this theme.

    Its Hollywood Dreams Lydia.

    And me in it...sorry about the poop pictures, my BM had to take them quick because we weren't allowed to take photos.

    My knees go totally weak when I try my dress on. I am totally in love x
  • We were thinking about using a mirror as a table plan anyway, so that was an obvious idea.

    Obviously it would be on a mirror like this:

  • We also wanted a wishing well (post box for cards).

    So we are using this as our inspiration, and will be making it out of paper mache and natural elements like moss and things.

    Obviously ours will have a roof, and wont be QUITE as big lol x
  • Then come our extra ideas which we are racking up slowly.

    We will be naming tables after the seven dwarfs and other characters in the book.

  • I am going to try and make these to put on each table.

    Here is our centerpeice inspiration. Obviously the twigs will be natural, and the flowers will probably be ivory.

    I am thinking about having the little crystal dwarfs in little hanging baubles like this:

    then also have other baubles like this hanging from the brances with tea light candles in like the photo.

    Then around the bottom of the vase, we will have something along the lines of this:

  • For favours as well as place names, we will have these.

    We will remove the tags that come with them and make our own, with each guests name on there, and a little message from us both.

  • For our cupcake stand, we are going to make something like this:

    We are just trying to find out where we can source the tree trunk slices, without being naughty! image
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    Fab theme! I'm a Lakes bride as well. Get married at Dallam Tower. The Inn on the Lake is a gorgeous venue. xx
  • Thanks hun.

    Awww not been to that venue!x
  • bump- any ideas ladies? Not had much of a reaction on here lol
  • Lucym89Lucym89 Posts: 389
    LOVE the story behind the theme it was all meant to be! The apple for favours are great and love the wishing well idea!

    Good luck with the rest of your planning x
  • Thanks Lucie image
  • Cake ideas.

    We knew from when we got engaged that we wanted cupcakes, as they are different and quirky.

    Now we have our snow white theme, we had to think of how we wanted our cakes. Today I came across these, and they fit perfectly!

    Instead of the baby pink, we thought we would have lilac, as a dark colour would ruin them I think.

    And for our top cake...

    Then I thought we could add the darker colours in to the little flowers, because they are little it wouldn't be too bold. So we will have lilac, deep purple, deep red and white flowers, with lilac birds.

    We are still looking for a cake topper, but would really love a snow white and prince charming one!
  • We have been thinking, and decided that pink doesnt fit in to the theme really, so totally taken it out and replaced it with a deep red.

    I am just asking around now for quotes for our flowers, as I think we have made up our minds now....and it does look really classy, dont you think?

  • I love the tree trunk as a cake stand, that is very cool! You could go to a timber yard or something? My parents buy logs for their fire from our local yard, so i'm sure the yard would slice off a bit of each different size for you cheaply image
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    I was just about to come on here and say why not have a dark/ deep red instead of pink but I see you've already thought of that! that boquet (SP?) is stunning and really fits the theme. Could you involve the number 7 any more... Not really sure where but it always makes me think of snow white and the 7 dwarves lol! the Diamonds and rubies you can get to scatter on tables are great too, i've got them for my Christmas wedding! Xxx
  • Haha, great minds think alike Rosie!

    Yes, lots of jewls as they are minors! I just love it when dopey puts 2 diamonds in his eyes! lol.

    Hmmm I wish I had 7 bridesmaids lol xx
  • Hi what about something like these? For me snow white is all about the apple. Also I think green actually goes really well with purple & love the dark red roses.

    name places

    & tea light holders

  • Julybride- we were going to do the real apple place names, but h2b wasnt too sure on it, said it looked a bit out of place and so we looked about for something else. Now we are having apple candles (a little like what you have pictured above) in little clear boxes with tags on, then slices of tree trunk with each persons name engraved xx
  • Hi, luv ur theme ideas think it'll look amazing, good luck with ur planning!
  • I love your theme! Have you thought about adding a few hanging apple ornaments to your table decorations to keep in with the theme? And some sparking crystals?

    You can get cheaper than what I have shown but it's just an idea.

    Couldn't post pics as my iPad is not liking pictures at the moment!

  • Hadnt thought of hanging apples! Good idea!xx
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