Anyone form Aberdeen..?


I thought i would introduce myself.. I'm Jenny, my fiance and i got engaged in december and i dont have a clue where to start with anything.. We have a rough idea for a date (July 2015) but thats as far as we have got..

If there is anyone from Aberdeen who could help me out it would be super! image

Im looking for ideas for venues at the moment.. ive got a few ideas Kings College and Drumtochty Castle.. If anyone has any recommendations on places or any advice on places to avoid it would be so helpful..





  • Hi Jenny,

    I live in Aberdeen and getting married in May 2013, we are getting married at Meldrum House, Oldmeldrum.

    You will get lots of ideas on here or have a look at Grampian Wedding Directory.

    Good luck with your planning xx
  • i am from aberdeen. getting married in june (4 months to go!).

    getting married at fasque house.
  • Hi, I'm from Aberdeen ,well Ellon so almost, I'm also getting married this year July 7th so not long to go so exiting. All of ours is going to be at Ardoe house. If your ever looking for recommendations for anything I have lists most of our suppliers are from Aberdeen. Happy hunting, I'm sure you will find somewhere perfect to suit you xx
  • gemst84gemst84 Posts: 6,961

    I'm from Aberdeen and getting married on July 6th this year at The falls of feugh.My venue is perfect if you are looking for a small venue.Would be happy to give you advice on suppliers and costs.

  • another aberdonian here image

    just been engaged for 4 weeks and we're planning a wedding abroad somewhere next october image
  • nicolajane82nicolajane82 Posts: 531

    Another one here too (although just outside of Aberdeen), we are getting married at Raemoir House Hotel, just outside Banchory. Good luck with your search for a venue, there are so many beautiful places to have your wedding in the Aberdeen area I'm sure you will have no trouble image
  • Sarah 6Sarah 6 Posts: 139
    Just engaged but looking at venues- hoping for meldrum house
  • Hi there!!

    I'm from Aberdeen and having the ceremony outside at Maryculter House Hotel (weather dependant, it is Aberdeen after all!) and having the reception there too image
  • Doli27Doli27 Posts: 17
    Hi everyone,

    I'm from Aberdeen, and I'm getting married at Maryculter House Hotel in July 2014. Feels so long away at the moment!
  • Hello all new brides... How exciting for u all, I'm at less than six months to go and this forum has been my saviour xx
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    Hi everyone!

    I'm impressed there are so many Aberdeen brides on here image

    Congrats Hastie88! There are loads of lovely places on Aberdeen, esp some here that the girls have mentioned. Places like Melrum house book up quick!

    There's also Logie Country House which starts doing weddings next year!

    I agree with the Grampian directory but I'm sure the girls on here will keep you straight image

    I get married next Nov at Castle Fraser! Good luck with all your planning xx

  • Hi everyone. I'm Louise. I live in Ellon,and am getting married on 21st June 2014 at Dunnottar Church, Stonehaven, then reception is at Ardoe House. We only got engaged in June, but time is just flying by. Got Church, Hotel, Piper, Band and Photographer booked, and ordered my gorgeous Ian Stuart Couture gown 4 weeks ago - I can't wait.


  • MrskdsMrskds Posts: 396 New bride
    Ian Stuart! Wow! Plus you are super prepared Madge! But is it me or do you have to be in Aberdeen, things get booked up so quick!

    I've got my first dress shopping on the 27th,,, not best planned straight after Christmas but excited non the less!! X
  • Hey Kdw87. Yes, things seem to get booked really quick. When we were looking for dates, Ardoe only had 1 Saturday left for June 2014. Thankfully, we were first to book the church for that year, so could have our pick. I only went dress shopping to see a particular dress, which is only stocked in 2 shops in Scotland, but ended up with the Ian Stuart one - fell in love with it even when it was on the hanger. Where are you headed for shopping? I went to Eleganza Sposa in Glasgow. Just happens to be where our Best Man's wife got here dress 10 years ago. What a coincidence. Didn't look in any other shops, and it won't be here till June. Can't wait.x


  • MrskdsMrskds Posts: 396 New bride
    Very true, I think I've been a bit luckier going for a winter date, I would have had to out it years back going for a summer date.

    I'm going to perfect bridal rooms on Aberdeen, for the same reason as you, there is a Provonias dress I've been google image stalking! I've heard nearly every bride say that before, end up coming out with something completely different to what they first thought, but try know when it's the one! Sounds like you've got that with yours image June will be here before you know it!

  • Sarah 6Sarah 6 Posts: 139
    I took a winter date and am having to wait till feb 8th 2014 for meldrum house!
  • Hi Sarah, it seems to book so quickly we booked in Oct2010 for May 2013 that was the date we wanted as ties in with our anniversary as well but even when we booked there were already a few of the summer Saturdays gone xx
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