Primor Pronovias Dress

Hi Girls,

I need help! I recently had a trip down to london as i had an appointment at the bond street flagship store. I tried on some absolutely beautiful dresses but i fell in love with the PRIMOR. I thought i would be able to find it quite easily back up home in North Yorkshire. I'm having major issues finding it anywhere outside of london to buy and have my fittings.

I wouldnt mind buying it in london but then having it shipped up to a closer store somewhere. It's just going to cost a lot of money travelling up and down to london each time i need a fitting or to pick it up.

Can anybody give me some suggestions or help me??

Cheers girls



  • HamsterHamster Posts: 1,123
    Alex, I've got this dress. It's a stunner. When is the big day?

    Most bridal shops will send it up for a fee (normally not much about £75-£100)

    Have you thought about what accessories to have?
  • tripqueentripqueen Posts: 222
    Yes just ask your nearest shop that stocks pronvias to order you a sample to try, my bridal store only charge £45 to do this, a small price to pay when you compare it to the cost of going to London!
  • angiep11angiep11 Posts: 1

    I ordered a Pronovias Primor dress and now have changed my wedding date so do not need this one now. Let me know if you would like to buy this dress at a discount!

    [email protected]

  • alix-hol87alix-hol87 Posts: 8
    Hi angie,

    Sorry its taken me so long to reply. would you mind me asking what size you ordered the dress in? And what price would you be looking for?

    Kind regards

  • alix-hol87alix-hol87 Posts: 8
    Hi Yorkduck. My weddings not till 12th July 2014, so i've got quite a wait yet, but with the dress being quite so expensive, i wanted to give myself time to save up. I have thought about accessories, i was thinking quite simple but very sparkly! hehe.

    Maybe something similar to Princess Kates wedding earrings.

    Have you thought about accessories?

  • Char86Char86 Posts: 6
    Ooohhh I love this dress if anyone is selling a second hand one image
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