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Hi, me and my fianc???? love the look of Thornton Manor, in fact it's the only venue we are looking at currently! We have a viewing in 2 weeks time but we are just wondering how much the average deposit amount is, if anyone could help with this and any comments regarding the venue I'd really appreciate it? image


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    Hi there is it the one near Cheshire oaks?

    If so I know to use the house alone no catering etc is 5000 and for the marquee it's 7000 we went for a look round and they were really stuck up, so unless you have a huge budget keep looking


    Steph xx
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    I'm getting married at Thornton Manor and yes unfortunately it is a bit on the expensive side. They have always been very pleasant with me, I've not found them to be stuck up at all. We had to pay 50% up front and to hire the Manor House and it's £9,500 on a Saturday. This is in August so there was no chance of a discount at such a popular venue! There is also an extra charge if you want an outdoor ceremony.

    Be aware that you have to use one of their appointed caterers and if you don't buy wine through the caterer there is a corkage fee. For catering ours is looking like it's going to be about £8,500 for catering (140 day and 160 evening). Let me know if you want to know anything else.

  • I've filmed a wedding last year there and it's a gorgeous venue. The manager was lovely during our pre wedding meeting, bringing us tea in china cups but the couple did mention about the costs. They used Barretts catering-I can't recommend them enough as I've worked with them a few times now and they are just a great team on the day. They also mentioned that you should get things in writing for everything as they had a few disagreements where the final bills would come and they'd be higher than agreed. Don't let this put you off, I hear this can happen a lot and not just at the higher end venues! You don't really see the owners much on the day as Barretts did all the managing of the actual day. One Bridesmaid did say that they startled them in the morning as he was pacing the coridoor! I am filming there again in August and the couple are again using Barretts but thanks to knowing the right people they are bringing their own alcohol and paying the corkage image It really is a 'wow' venue! Another venue I can highly recommend is the Hillbark Hotel, also in the Wirral. We married there in Aug 2009 and on the day and ever since the staff have been incredible (we had a nightmare with our photographer and they helped us organise a reshoot and we're in talks about a renewal!). Good luck!!
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    I went to a wedding there recently and it was very nice and definitely has the wow factor when you pull up to it, but unless you're going to have 150+ guests I wouldn't choose it. It's huge and there are so many rooms that the guests seemed to get lost! I would definitely go and visit the Hillbark as recommended by the above poster - I also went to a wedding there recently and found the staff to be far friendlier and I think it would be much better value for your money.

    If you do go for Thornton Manor and you choose to have breakfast there the morning after your wedding make sure you find out who is taking care of it. We had dirty plates and glasses and awful food that took so long to come out that half of the party of 20 had finished before others even got their food.

    Also bear in mind that only a limited number of people can stay over at Thornton Manor and there is a shortage of good value hotels close by.
  • Thanks everyone for your comments! Really appreciate it.

    A few of our friends have mentioned The Hillbark to us also, so I think it sounds like it could be worth having a look at. Is a 50% deposit average! It seems very steep for a deposit! I was expecting more like a £2000 deposit.

    I have no idea about this stuff, very new to all this image how much is a corkage charge? X
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    I'm getting married at Thornton Manor, it was the only place we looked at who asked for 50% deposit but they also said if we couldn't manage it all at once they could sort something out for us so might be worth asking if you decide to go for it. We were quite glad to pay though as it was one of the bigger costs we wouldn't have to worry about.

    Corkage is £6.95 per bottle of wine and £8.95 per bottle of champagne.

    I have also found the owners to be really nice, we popped in without an appointment a few weeks ago just to pay the final balance and they invited us in for tea and a chat about how we're getting on.
  • Thanks for the response, yeah to be honest if we had the 50% deposit to give we would be happy to pay it if we love there after the viewing. Currently we don't have that to give but its good to know that if needed we may be able to sort something out with them.

    Wow! I didn't realise a corkage fee per bottle would be that much, I really have no idea ha!
  • I can't remember how much deposit we paid...but we must've loved it, we basically signed the contract right there and then. My old work had filmed there so I showed the footage to my other half and he loved it too so we just made an appointment. We just loved it the moment we saw the gorgeous house as we came round the drive!

    Every venue we checked were different. I believe most are asking for bigger deposits now as more and more weddings are getting cancelled and so they're probably just trying to cover thing we noticed was that the Hillbark did a whole package per person and that included everything from canapes to the full 3 course meal and drinks. Other venues did a basic package and then you added on. As we only had 44 guests (46 including ourselves) we found the Hillbark to be more affordable. Our Co-ordinator, Charles, has actually moved over to their sister hotel the Leverhulme so maybe check there too! image

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    My venue is costing around £7500 in total for breakfast for 80 people and evening food for 100, with toast/welcome drinks etc too.They have asked for a £500 non-refundable deposit.

    I would certainly object to a venue insisting on being paid 50% of the total cost so far in advance (my wedding is in July next year). The final balance is due to be paid a month before our actual wedding.

    Hope that is of some help!

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    I have a cake shop and have supplied wedding cakes to couples getting married there. It's a beautiful venue, expensive, but the location is wonderful. However, as mentioned above, I would also recommend Hillbark as this too is an incredible venue. Good luck! x

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    Hi, we are planning to book a viewing at Thornton Manor soon. Can anyone tell me what is inlcluded in the £9,500 hire fee? I understand that catering fees will obviously be separate, but are any of the bedrooms included? Many thanks!

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    oh I loved this place! it's my 'dream' venue. I didn't have to budget to do it though. very jealous :P

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    Petrova wrote (see)

    Hi, we are planning to book a viewing at Thornton Manor soon. Can anyone tell me what is inlcluded in the £9,500 hire fee? I understand that catering fees will obviously be separate, but are any of the bedrooms included? Many thanks!

    Hi the hire fee doesn't really include anything else, you pay extra for bedrooms.

  • PetrovaPetrova Posts: 3
    xlisaxmx wrote (see)
    Petrova wrote (see)

    Hi, we are planning to book a viewing at Thornton Manor soon. Can anyone tell me what is inlcluded in the £9,500 hire fee? I understand that catering fees will obviously be separate, but are any of the bedrooms included? Many thanks!

    Hi the hire fee doesn't really include anything else, you pay extra for bedrooms.

    Yikes! Thanks, that's a bit out of budget for us.....glad we found somewhere more in our price range. It looks beautiful though!


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    Hi guys,

    I would suggest any questions re Thornton Manor are best asked to the owners themselves. they are extremely helpful, nothing is too much trouble. If you decide not to book your wedding there, that is also OK. There is no hidden agenda, just ask and they will answer your questions.


  • Beautiful setting at the former home of a great Wirral philanthropist Viscount Leverhulme. However, I found the attempted snobbery at the description of being in 'Cheshire' as misleading and foolish. Thornton Hough is no more in  Cheshire than Britain is still part of the Roman Empire. That is in the long distant past. Thornton Hough and Thornton Manor are in Merseyside, and should be proud of that fact and glory in it instead of hiding behind the Cestrian deception. Whilst they persist with this fabrication I will not go there again, nor recommend it to colleagues in the Wirral and Liverpool legal profession.

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    I notice that the deposit required is 50% this is unreasonable and is frowned upon by government agency’s to the point that if they don’t regulate themselves then the government will bring in laws to force the issue.

    The management at Thornton Manor have been made aware of this issue but choose to ignore it as they feel that they can do as they please.


    The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has advised more than 100 wedding and event venues that large deposits and cancellation charges could breach consumer law. The CMA said consumers who have to cancel or change their plans could face "considerable losses" because of potentially unfair terms after hiring venues at a cost that often runs to thousands of pounds. Venues have been told that a deposit is simply to make a reservation and should be no more than a small percentage of the total price and advance payments should reflect the business's expenses and leave a reasonable amount to pay on completion.It has also warned that customers must not lose large advance payments if they cancel, and venues should set sliding scales of charges to cover any losses.CMA consumer senior director Nisha Arora said: "Planning a wedding or any large event can be stressful. Consumers are particularly vulnerable when they are focusing on preparing for a special event and have paid significant sums up-front.

    Full Article


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    Hi there so im in the process of actually leaving a deposit with thornton manor for my wedding later this year. However after asking around apprently theres hidden costs involved that you find out only after you put down you deposit. 


    Apprently what ive been told is that management at this venue have a commision for the suppliers on some aspects of your wedding.

    For example say your bill with ur caterer is 6k the venue will want 20% of that as commision, so obv the caterter will be adding that to your bill.  please somebody tell me this is not true as im having 900 guests :O

  • Hi Adil3,

    I'm getting married at Thornton Manor April 19. We've not found there to be any extras other than the corkage. The bedroom prices does not include breakfast which is an extra £15pp. As it is just the venue you are booking, the suppliers are booked seperately. We have booked MH catering for our caterers which I can't recommend enough! They are so helpful and their food is amazing. 

    Hope this helps.Thornton Manor is such an amazing place

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