99 days to plan a wedding....help with order to do things please!


I love the fact i booked the registry office yesterday and bought a dress on ebay last night for £50 and thats going to arrive tomorrow!! Yay.

So for those of you that don't think im crazy....What should i do first?

Any tips?


  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224
    Make a list of your priorities and set a budget. Then go from there really...

    Obviously at this stage it's the big things you need to be sorting: venue, outfits, photographer, transport, stationery, videographer, cake, entertainment, flowers. Obviously you might decide not to have all this, it really is your choice!!
  • BastilleBrideBastilleBride Posts: 396
    I would find a photographer first of all as you haven't got long to go! Good luck with the planning.

    Edited as iPad makes words up!
  • Yikes! I hope you can find suppliers with your date available xx
  • BohoBride2BohoBride2 Posts: 18
    Yikes! I hope you can find suppliers with your date available xx

    It makes it more exciting, don't you think?

    Ha ha....we are making everything ourselves and even doing the buffet! I have a dress already and invitations are all online...wedding websites rock!

    My problem is photographer but i have a talented sister in law so she is next on my list to ask!
  • A venue is probably your priority? Bridesmaid dresses? Booking things that otherwise get booked up by other people...hair & make up, florists (they get booked really early) any DJ or anything? Good luck!
  • How exciting! Just go for it, book what you want people will have dates available and you may be able to get good deals with it being so soon!

    Make sure you haggle haggle haggle!

    Cant wait to read your report!
  • Yay, how exciting! And definitely do-able, tbh I think the longer you have the more complicated you can make it, just becasue you have the time image

    I think your priorities should be, reception venue/dj, getting the invites out, suit for h2b/best man/ushers, bridesmaids dresses, flowers, photographer
  • ha I'm similar to you - Oct 12 and not booked venue yet (though nearly there!) We're goin to get onto photographer next then rest is kind of ok I reckon - we're getting flowers from Colombia Road, making cake, doing all invites etc ourselves - I'm quite looking forward to this bit. The venue has been the biggest nightmare for me - though not in terms of timings - more logistics and who to invite. Good luck!
  • mrs_howardmrs_howard Posts: 69
    hi ive done exactly the same i had 120 days to go and i so far have a venue + reception venue dress bridesmaid dresses cake candy bar photographer sorted our music, food is catered for h2b has his suit need to get his ring bought mine already all we really need to buy now is decorationsd for room and finish our invites its exciting doing it in such short notice image
  • Mrs RobertsMrs Roberts Posts: 435
    You can definitely do this - I helped my MOH organise her wedding in around 2 weeks haha. She decided at the last minute that she did want a fuss and we got her dress 2 weeks before! Good Luck image x
  • You can use the online planner at MiBigDay image
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