New Years Eve wedding?

Would anyone consider getting married on New years Eve? Its a very special date for us but im worried that people will have other plans...will think having it on that date is stupid etc. What do people think? xxx


  • Spond25Spond25 Posts: 580
    I would love to have got married on news years eve but couldn't get in at the venue we wanted this year the only thing that would worry me was the weather if it was too icy or snowy for the guests to come
  • Gemmer_xGemmer_x Posts: 68
    Awwh thats a shame! I also find for just that one day its so much more expensive! The weather is a worry too :/ I dont want to be freezing to death or for it to rain. Hmm
  • a friend of mine could married on NYE!

    Was brilliant, as long as people have lots of notice I don't see why it would put guests off coming.

    Just be warned, NYE's is a prime date.. so venues/DJs'Bands etc will be more expensive.
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    i wouldnt worry about the weather factor is as least you KNOW it won't be warm and sunny whereas everyone in the summer hopes it will be sunny and could be disappointed. you can be well prepared for nasty weather and make the most of it

    i think its a great date to get married on and again as long as people have lots of warning they will come for the guaranteed nye party!

    think you will need to book super early though, at the earliest youd be looking 2013 but probably 2014?
  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524
    I think it's a nice idea if it really means something to you but I find it hard enough to get my h2b to go to my friends' weddings as it is, he wouldn't be impressed if it was new years eve and he couldn't see his own friends. Plus it will be very expensive for people to stay over at a venue and taxis will obviously be extortionate. How about 30 December instead??
  • NYE was originally our 1st choice. We wanted that date as it would be brill to get both families together to celebrate the new year in as well as our special day, my H2B's Dad and his family live in the Isle of Man and he has not spent NYE with them for over 10 years so that would be special for him. However it turned out that 2013 NYE was either booked or far too expencive. Plus the bands we liked were charging loads because of the date. It was more for the regisrtar too if i remember. So we decided we would be better off going for a different date and either save money or spend what we would save on an even better wedding!!

    We are getting married on Feb 14th 2014 and to our supprise it was normal price!!! so we have picked another special date at no extra costs.

    I would say if you have the budget go for it, its a brilliant choice of date xxx
  • MrsA-2013MrsA-2013 Posts: 555
    My mum is getting married on NYE - she's sending out invites in July which is well before anyone makes plans for New Year! I think it's lovely, a really memorable date image
  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    I never do anything on new year and I think a lot of people make plans last minute. So only things you should be aware of are

    - everything will be hideously expensive

    - after dark, the photos don't come out too well, and you're only 10 days or so off the shortest day, so you'll have to plan your photo times carefully!
  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513
    Some close friends of ours got married on NYE just gone and it was brilliant!

    Everyone seemed extra excited as it was NYE, they had their ceremony in a really pretty old hotel (lots of beams and a rustic feel),at 1pm and after a champagne and mulled wine drinks reception pics were taken outside in the courtyard, so it was still perfectly light enough for pics.

    They then had their wedding breakfast at the hotel before moving to a pub that they had hired out exclusively for the evening.

    Theirs came in at 1/4 of the price of ours, as NYE is not the most popular date for a wedding so they found that actually they got great deals. Just make sure you book things up in advance.
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    My mum & dad got married on New Years eve image
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    We're getting married on the 28th December, so not quite NYE, but almost at the end of the year! Obviously the weather and the darkness will be more prevalent, but there's ways around it! And everyone loves a good party on NYE!!!

    I say go for it!!
  • Gemmer_xGemmer_x Posts: 68
    Thanks guys! Ive got some serious thinking to do image xxx
  • I'd definitely be up for going to a NYE wedding. I'm not bothered about your typical NYE party but a wedding on NYE sounds magical! What a romantic idea! xxx
  • I've just booked our wedding for NYE 2014. Yes, there are surcharges, but at our venue it works out a little bit cheaper than a summer wedding!

    Was a guest at one a couple of years ago and it was amazing, was so nice as a guest to already have New Year's Eve plans and not faffing about what to do, and it was special for you at midnight not just the wedding couples day. Can't wait!
  • Lovely idea! And most people are dying for something fun to do on NYE: we've been talked into hosting a NYE party for the second year running because no one has anything else to do. You'll know the weather will be chilly - the only difficulty might be expensive venues and transport problems. But oh I'd have loved to have a winter wedding... Russian-themed with vodka, fur hats and smoked salmon blinis image

  • Jamie10Jamie10 Posts: 111

    I would love to get married on NYE!! What a party this wil be image We saw pics recently of a couple who got married in August but celebrated NYE style. Looked good fun. 

  • We are getting married 31 December 2014. NYE is a very special time for us and he proposed on NY just gone so it made sense. Everyone I have mentioned it to gush with what a good idea it is and how much fun it will be.

    We have only had a few people quote higher prices for NY and in fact the music entertainment we have booked (the only thing we have booked) gave us a great deal because we were booking so far in advance so the actual savings are more than the NY surcharge anyway. The "band" is pretty bl00dy expensive anyway but we knew it would be as we knew exactly what we wanted which is pretty unique and special so we agreed to prioritise costs in this area

  • Im getting married NYE this year, got fab deal on venue so much so we cancelled what we had already booked fir june 2014 because this was by far better value, we paid double for dj but still only ??400 apart from that we've not paid extra on anything else so far.

    My invites have already gone out b4 new holiday year at work so people can book off, my hotel is already fully booked & guests are now booking up nextdoor! So so excited as are all my guests.......Go for it! Xx
  • SMDSMD Posts: 1

    We would love to get married on NYE this year (2014) but really struggling to find venues that are open/not super expensive in central London. Any ideas appreciated!

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