wedding insurance??

is it worth getting wedding insurance??if yes who do you recommend??we are having a church then a marquee is it worth getting it??


  • Chloe_B2013Chloe_B2013 Posts: 512

    I would say yes, it's definitely worth getting. Even if you never use it, at least you're covered. We took out ours through John Lewis, they were very good, not too expensive, and I seem to remember that they have an added marquee section in one of their policy choices so that would be good for you to have a look at. Hope you get it sorted!

  • emmie_louemmie_lou Posts: 369

    ok thanku,is it a one off payment??

  • Chloe_B2013Chloe_B2013 Posts: 512

    Yes it is, we paid a £65 one off payment. We went for silver cover, which was the mid-level cover I think. It included everything we needed for our budget, but there was a cheaper one as well.x

  • Yes definitely get it, ours was just £39 from debenhams x

  • BUggabooBUggaboo Posts: 398

    I got mine from debenhams because it included existing deposits and went through quidco so got £15 cash back! Bargain, make sure you go through quidco image It's worth it with places closing down all over the place these days.

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