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Hi guys, Im a newbie to all of this!

Hey all,

I got engaged about a month ago, after being with my boyfriend for nearly 5 years. We have booked our venue and we are getting married next year image

I look forward to everyones helpful tips and advice x


  • pinklady1203pinklady1203 Posts: 241

    The ladies on here are lovely - only been signed up for about a week, but they have helped me out so much already! And I find it nice to be able to give something back and give ideas/advice to people image So we will all end up with our dream day!

    Happy Planning!! xx

  • iambiciambic Posts: 103
    Hi Mands, congratulations on your engagement! My other half proposed at the beginning of May after 5 years together too. It sounds like you're ahead of me with the planning already having found a venue though, we don't really have a clue what we're doing but it's exciting finding out image

    Did it take you a long time to decide on a venue? I've looked at so many online but haven't been able to make any decisions yet!

  • Congratulations. And big welcome.. let the planning begin

  • thirdthingthirdthing Posts: 582


  • MandsMands Posts: 2
    Thanks for the congratulations. image and yes, venue hunting is quite stressful !! Oh dear haha
  • Congratulations! Enjoy the planning image Its great fun, but not going to lie to you, you and the family will come to disagreements! And it will be stressful, but try not to be too stressed image xx

  • jendoojendoo Posts: 166
    Welcome Mands, so wens ur date then? X
  • congratulations on your engagement... whats the date of your wedding hunni? xx

  • nearly Mrs Snearly Mrs S Posts: 370

    Im new to this too...we are getting married next May after 12 years. I have been researching like made & we have already booked the ceremony.  I have a colour scheme & a good friend helping out with advicie & ideas but the budget is getting out of control so needs working on lol.  I have downloaded a budget sheet & I am using this to help to keep it under control & then hopefully see where I can make savings!!! Any advice would be happily recieved image xx

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