Wanted - Wedding Photography & Videography in Essex (Cheap)!

Hi everyone, well our weddings been booked for a while - its on 

Saturday 30th March 2013 and we've yet to book a phogropher or videographer. Actually not even sure if we need a videographyer but am keen to look into it so we have lots of memories of our special day

Our venue is The Reid Room's in Essex

Any suggestions that don't cost an arm and a leg!!

thanks x



  • Define an arm and a leg?

    Better to spend out on a decent tog on their own that to go cheap on both.

  • mrsmagoo2bmrsmagoo2b Posts: 113

    Definition of an arm and leg - body parts haha

    Seriously, thanks for your interest, we have a budget of £700 for each max

    Photography wise we would like from start to finish ie a little bit of preparation through to about 9pm when we plan to have our first dance - later if possible!  We would also like all the photo's on Disc to print off at a later date.  Album wise, yes we would like one, but realise that it might not be possible at this stage so would compramise 

    We're getting married at 2.30pm at The Reid Rooms, plus having the reception there so there's no additional travelling

    Photography seems to be a mindfield yes you can get some cheap cheap ones, but like you said, might not have the quality to go with it

    Let me know your thoughts.  Also, have you photographed at The Reid Rooms before? 

  • TheNewMrsCTheNewMrsC Posts: 558

    Im in Colchester,Essex & we are using Nina Carmen-her style is just what we were looking for & prices very reasonable.

  • Our wedding photographer is called Jamie, he is based in Brentwood and covers Essex, his website is JJJphotography.co.uk

    we paid £450 but he is now £500 and this includes ALL day photography and all photos on a CD, however doesnt include an album

    he is also on Facebook and has amazing reviews, I know he gets booked up very quickly so its worth booking him early!!

    Hope this helps

    Karen x

  • Well with a combined budget of £1000-£1400 you should easily find someone really good for that. Not both mind you but one of the two services.

  • mrsmagoo2bmrsmagoo2b Posts: 113

    JJJ Photography is already booked for our wedding day :0(

    the search continues x




  • akapinguakapingu Posts: 11

    Hey! deffo suggest momentsbyankitpatel.co.uk. Photos are brilliant and the photographer's very easy to get on with.


    Might be better if you concentrate just on one or the other if you have limited budget .

  • Maybe try http://www.blessingphotography.co.uk they have packages from £395 up to £1000 - their £595 package is all day, 2 photographers and a disc I think image good luck

  • mrsmagoo2bmrsmagoo2b Posts: 113

    Franny2012 - have you used Blessing Photography before? 

  • Yes, us and a few other bride's on here. We really liked them when they came to meet us. They explained everything and were easy to get along with. I also liked their website - there's a ton of info on there plus something like 400 weddings lol. They update it regularly so you can see all the new weddings going on too which is quite exciting image 


  • Oh I forgot to say try 



    for videographers, both around £300/400

  • For photography - you should check out www.hip-fire.com i think based in East London/Essex

  • Hi mrsmagoo2b,

    If you havn't already found a wedding photographer, I would love to put myself forward. You can find more information at: http://www.zndr.co.uk/weddings (no extra cost for milage).

    Kind regards, Alex

  • mrsmagoo2bmrsmagoo2b Posts: 113

    Thanks ladies.  Booked our videographer the other day and have a meeting with a photographer on Friday and am hoping to meet up with Denise & Alex and Blessing Photography over the weekend and then decide who to go with

    slowly getting there xx


  • let us know how it goes xxx

  • Hi we met Denise & Alex tonight from Blessings Photography and like you said they are really easy to get on with so will will be going with them

    Thanks for all your suggestions x

  • Brill x

  • http://www.rootredphotography.co.uk/


    This is a colleague i work with and he did my best friends wedding last year. the photos were so beautiful. i don't think he is too expensive either and he's there from getting ready right up until first dance.  his name is Matt

  • Might help a few people, they have an ebay shop with some good deals


  • mrsmagoo2b wrote (see)

    Hi we met Denise & Alex tonight from Blessings Photography and like you said they are really easy to get on with so will will be going with them

    Thanks for all your suggestions x

    These are our photographers too !!!! We got a great deal image

  • VickyandTom - when's your wedding?

    I think we've got a great deal as well, we asked for a bespoke package and got 10% off as we paid up front

    lovely ladies as well x

  • We're next August in Ware, you?

  • 30th March 2013 - less than 6 months now eek!!image

  • JeanineJeanine Posts: 15


    try Milla, she is a professional wedding photographer who knows how to take beautiful pictures. You can see her photos here http://wedding-london-photography.co.uk/ or here http://www.studio-milla.com/. I'm looking for a photographer, I want someone who treats their job seriously. I need a person who treats every couple individually and takes unique and lovely pictures. And is friendly of course.
    And actually I know someone like that. It's Milla, a great female photographer who works in London and Cyprus.

  • 6 months! that's not long! I bet it'll rush by image

  • LP12LP12 Posts: 2

    Hello, I don't know if you are still looking for a wedding videographer, but my friend had her wedding filmed by Martin Weddings. They are based in Essex, from what i have seen they are really good, and resonably priced. http://www.martinweddings.co.uk/ that there website they have her wedding trailer on there.


    Hope this helps 

  • https://www.facebook.com/weshotyourwedding

    They posted a special offer on their facebook page and

    Mrs Magoo they have been shortlisted for the Wedding Industry Awards, so excited !!!

  • We have booked a company called Crystal Clear Visual http://www.crystalclearvisual.co.uk/ they are very reasonable and come highly recommended, all the best image

  • Wendy, they do look very good, I found it quite hard to choose a videographer - all the ones I looked at seemed brilliant to me!

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