low budget centerpiece ideas

Help! I'm not very crafty and I'm not sure what I am going to do for centerpieces!

I only have a budget of about 100 I want to spend for 24 tables. I do already have

24 cylinder vases that I got from the dollar tree. I just don't know what I can do

with them. I think one vase per table will look dumb since we are using long

tables. Any ideas to decorate around the vase to make it seem like a bigger piece

without breaking the bank. And ideas of what to put IN the vase? Our colors are

Horizon and shades of pink. I'm not sure what look I'm trying to acheive. So any

ideas will help! TIA.


  • Laura3Laura3 Posts: 231
    We have long tables and are just having a candelabra with flowers in the middle so I've decorated tiny goldfish bowls for t lights to match our vintage theme and am having 6 on each table.

    They weren't expensive either.

    You cold have some petals too?
  • izziepizziep Posts: 40

    you could go to ikea or somewhere like that and get coloured sand and layer it up? or pebbles? or those blue/green glass pebbles and put them around the bottom... im not very good at this am i haha

  • You ever thought about knitted/crochet flowers?

    Different and u can keep them afterwards, to put on a keepsake cushion, or throw or even some sort of wall hanging.

    Heres an example of knitted flowergirl wands, if u want to see more pics, let me know xxx


  • Could you fill the vases with water and then add some flowers and floating candles?

  • Spond25Spond25 Posts: 580

    we went to a wedding a couple of months ago and they had long tables with 2 fish bowls with water in and beads in the bottom with twigs and leaves and they had made hearts on ribbons and hung them on and they looked lovely and we got to take home a heart each as favours which was really nice

  • Pitt2bPitt2b Posts: 61
    We are getting large vases and filling them with sweets and having them as our table centrepieces
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939

    We bought silk petals on ebay to use as a border to the aisle, they were really cheap but looked amazing.  For the evening do the venue sprinkled some on the tables and it looked really effective.  You could collect empty jars and use them with tea lights, they look good and cheap as chips.  If this is for your wedding breakfast you don't need to worry too much, by the time everything is set up for dinner service there won't be a lot of space anyway, especially if the venue have jugs of water etc out.  You could even buy some material and make a table runner. 

  • jean 2jean 2 Posts: 11

    Hi Co.coi! I think this 2 pictures can give you a good selection. 

     This looks very simple to make. It just requires fancy flowers that you can attach with glue guns and you simply fill the cylinder with water and top it with a candle. Since you will be using long tables, you can add small candles surrounding your centerpiece to consume the space. You can also add up some petals on the table for some effect. 

     If you want a glowing centerpiece you can go for inexpensive pink water beads and led  lights to make it glow. Small candles can surround it with flowers to consume all the space. image

    It would be lovely if we can see what centerpiece you choose for your wedding.image

    - jean

  • ChucklesChuckles Posts: 163

    Ive seen thes which I love and they're homemade so pretty much free! I'm going to have them lining the entrance to my venue at night time but im sure you could dot them around the table, or even use slightly smaller cans. 


    I think you just need a screw driver to punch the wholes in with and then put tealights in the bottom.

    Just means you'll be eating baked beans for a while

  • I've been collecting finished Yankee candle jars of varying sizes and the Dowe Egberts coffee jars (thankfully our coffee supplies at work are Dowe Egberts so been pilfering them when they're finished with). I'm painting a few of them with blue glass paint, and the clear ones I have glued some lace around the top and plan on putting the jumbo tealights in them. Essentially free (paid about ??10 for the lace and glass paint) but will give a nice atmosphere.
  • Cajo2013Cajo2013 Posts: 361

    You could fill the vases you have with twigs and hang shells off them, so would be rustic and free! I persoanally love floating candles in tall vases and it creates a relaxed, romantic mood. Could you maybe have 3 vases per long table, 1 in the middle and 1 at each end? You could then scatter petals on the tables between the vases

  • Just check with your venue before you buy candles - just found out from mine that they do not allow any naked flames of any kind so my tea lights / floating candles ideas have been shelved !!  Thank goodness I hadn't bought any yet!

    To be honest by the time you bought all the beads/ candles / mirror plates etc it is still getting pricey. A wholesale florist could probably get you masses of low cost but pretty flowers which you could just put in the vases with a simple bit of ribbon around each.

    Or how about collecting some long twigs and spray painting them gold. They would sit in your vases without needing anything to weigh them down, or if not buy a cheapie sack of coloured gravel from a garden centre and put a bit in the bottoms. You could make lots of little paper pompoms (or hearts cut from card if the pompoms are too much hassle) in your themed colours to hang from the twigs. You could easily do 24 tables like this for £100 and you might be able to rope in some friends to help? Actually, I may scrap my flowers and do this myself... image


  • When is ur wedding? Season of the year can also help you with the decorating. like, if it's autumn, you could pick some leaves (don't take this one literally,lol) of whatever. All you need is imagination. Like here:


    I don't know if it's useful for you, but I personally considerring every possibility.image

  • I would go for submerged flowers in the vases and candles on the table surrounding them.

     Or something like this

     We had sumerged button flowers surrounded by candles on our tables. It looked really good & people raved about it as they'd not seen it done before.


    I recommend Project Wedding http://www.projectwedding.com/ as a great site for ideas.

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