Colour & Theme

We decided early on that Turquoise would be our colour, after trawling through every other colour known to man (which OH poopoo'd). We then decided we would like to have another colour with it, so opted for Red!!! Strangely enough, after googling I was totally sold on the idea.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=208a8225714b91e7&biw=649&bih=201

Now here the problems lie...

Flowers!! I don't want white flowers for my bouquet, as I personally think they would get lost within my dress. I've seen a design I love using loads of carnations, to make a dome shape. Its perfect, and I do love carnations (I'm probably the only person who does!). I decided that my bouquet should be all red, which looks fab in pics.

Like this but in bright red...

 Problem is OH wants to wear a Turquoise Cravat, so we're wondering whether he should have white carnations, red carnations, or one of each for his button hole?

Any suggestions or does this sound awful?!

Also due to the venue, we're are looking at a countryside/rustic theme. I'm thinking gingham, jam jars, tealights etc - Does this sound ok?

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