Who does what????


I have an older brother (10 years older than me) Wil be asking all of my sister's to be bridesmaids etc but unsure what my brother's role would be.

Was thinking of asking him to give me away with my dad, one on either side. Saw this happen on a youtube clib and it looked so beautiful.

What do you think?

I have 3 older sister's (46 45 & 44), 1 younger sister (25), 4 nephews (23, 17 10 & 8) , 6 nieces (25 24 21 18 14 & 5), 1 sister in law to be (27) and 1 daughter (4). The above ages are the ages they will be in 2 years time when I get married. My brother will be 43 What roles should I give them all???

Very confused, especiay with the bridesmaids so any help would be much appreciated.


ps, one of my nieces are pregnant so I will also have a 2 yr old niece or nephew to add to the list.


  • I think having your brother and Dad give you away together is a lovely idea. On the bridesmaid front I would limit your numbers, maybe just to your younger sister, SIL2B and daughter? Then maybe you could have your older sisters do readings?

  • Our your brother could simply be an usher. My OH has four older brothers and the only way we could include them all except one (who's the best man) was to have the Usher for us. Its basically just telling people where to sit and stuff but the gesture should help them all feel part of the day. Its lovely for you to think of him, men tend to get forgotten alot at weddings! xx

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    the man has a younger brother (hel only be 16 or something) and his mum has made it clear we ought to include him in part of the ceremony so hes going to take the rings from the dogs or bring the dogs to us so we can give the girls a little pat on the head. the mil wanted him to have a larger roll but the man doesnt care, they arent close at all, and i really had my heart set o the girls being ring bearers


    love the duel giving you away but as said above id limit all the family being bridesmaids, sounds very stressful. having my sister as my only bm was the best decision i made about the whole wedding, stress free!

  • Oh wow! Thank you so much for the responses! I'm definitely getting great new ideas.

    Will finalise everything with my hubby to be by the end of this week and will post to let you all know what we have decided.

    VERY excited!!!!!! x

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