picking a venue!!


we are currently looking at many venues in our area!(north east) i have already ruled out some but are deciding between others!

These venues all seem to have lots of pro's but then also some con's! 

Now trying to work out what things are most important for the venue..

what helped you decide on your venue? do most places have pro's and con's?


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  • Heeey,

    We had what seemed like an enless list of venues we went to see,we even sat down and written a pros and cons lists for them all but still couldn't decide so we kept looking and when we found the one,we literally walked in and knew "this is it",We loved it so much it didn't matter about the cons. My advice would be follow your gut instinct and don't question yourself,if you loved it when you saw it and the cons are only little things go for it but if you can feel theres something not right then keep looking,I'm sure the perfect venue is out there image

  • The only thing that I knew I wanted was for the bar to be in the same room as the dance floor. My friend got married in the most gorgeous hotel but the bar was across a huge corridor where naturally the men tend to hang out and everyone just seemed so spread out that you never got much of an atmosphere, when my sister got married the bar was in the same room and the buzz and feel was lovely.

    I didn't have an idea of whether to go for barns, hotel, manor house etc just looked at what we liked and went from there. I have based my colours/theme on my venue. We originally had booked at a cricket club and so my theme was going to be relaxed vintagey, rustic type them. That's changed we now are getting married in a small hotel with a romantic pink theme.
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    Thanks for the replys!! image

    MrsPar2b - this is one of the con's to a place we like the bar is seperate, along with having a main room were seaing would be another room joins on were the dance floor will be! i struggle to see how this will work and asked the lady showing us around if we could have the dance floor in the main room and it seemed like no one had ever asked beforeimage but everything else for the venue is pretty much perfect!

    wenchy - scoring system seems like a fab idea! some places i have been and knew straight away they werent right!

    judges, guisbrough hall,wynyard hall, crathorne hall, tall trees, rockcliffe hall! there are some other places to possibly look out but are a little bit further away and dont want anywhere guests have to travel to far to get to!


  • Alnick Castle is lovely depending on how far you want to travel,the wedding coordinator there is fab too and the prices are very reasonable,only con was that it is open to public until 6 so they would see you arrving at the venue (actual ceremony room is blocked from public tho) might be worth a visit,it was our choice before we decided to go to scotland instead of local lol 

  • Hi we are in the north east an getting married at wynyard, wynyard was the only venue we drove up to ad both said yes straight away, we looked at others but nothing compared to it x
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    wynyard is gorgeous!!! going to have a read of your planning thread nowimage 


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    MrsBrown2Be2013 - love love your colour options and your final choice!!! are you having wynyard completly exclusive? just i didnt think you could do this!



  • We found every venue we looked at had pro's and con's!

    In the end we found our venue which had more pro's! still a few cons though and a place we agreed on which was more important.

  • We just got married at whitworth hall near Spennymoor, Durham and it is amazing!!! The hotel is situated in a deer park and has a lovely lake and gardens too! The grounds and views are absolutley stunning, we have amazing photographs from there! We used the duncombe suite which is a small but lovely room, with a private conservatory attached to it, with a private bar. It is a really lovely room. There is also a church in the grounds if you don't want to get married in a hotel. The food is amazing too!!! The staff aare also extremely helpful and really helped us loads on the morning of our wedding when we had difficulties with one of our suppliers! It is an absolutely perfect wedding venue

  • Thanks JC, we are not having complete exclusivity, but wynyard have a one wedding a day policy so we will have full use of all the rooms and private terrace, there could be other guests having afternoon tea or using the restaurant but we went last Wednesday at the time we are getting married and there was no-one around so expecting it to be ok. You can pay for complete exclusive use but I'm expecting that to be really expensive, I don't mind a few people there as ,one as there wasn't another wedding on which they don't do anyway xx
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