Gutted I didn't ask for a discount...

So I orderd my dress very quickly after getting engaged last month before I really got into the whole wedding world and before reading all the advice. I ordered it quickly as we are having a short engagement and I only have 7 months. Anyway, I paid a deposit and that way that. Until, that is, I realise I had been a bit of a mug and not even asked for a discount or a veil thrown in and it seems that it's the norm from speaking to people and looking on here. It actually makes me quite sad as every bit of money saved helps. Thought I would put this up so other new brides have it in mind when dress shopping. There is no harm in asking and as there are usually a few shops selling the same dress, they want your business. Don't make my mistake! They can only say no after all!


  • I didn't ask for discount - on purpose! I knew that I could have got my dress £100 cheaper somewhere else but I chose to pay extra and go with the shop and staff I liked more.  The cheaper shop were horrible, snappy and would only give me £100 discount on the price I had been quoted from the other shop, so basically werent interested in giving me the best deal, just wanted to undercut the competition.  I just didnt feel like they care and so far I wouldnt go back on my decision.  Even after paying for the dress in full I have recieved a premium service and dont have to pay for storage of my dress until next year (the only shop in my area that doesnt charge for this!)

  • I haven't asked for discounts on anything yet, and I don't imagine I will. I'm self-employed and I'm regularly asked if I can do a cheaper deal, but it's frustrating as the prices are set based on the work involved and to ensure all costs are covered, so I always feel torn between selling myself short or losing the customer entirely. In the cases of large chain stores it may not be so obvious, but personally I'd never ask a photographer or designer to go lower because I know how it feels - I just think that if I love their work then I will pay the price it's worth! At least you know you're getting a good service / product. image

  • We will be asking for a discount on most things, not me I feel embarrassed lol but my dads a car dealer so always likes a good deal so will ask every timeimage
  • There is definitely something to be said about you get what you pay for but at the end of the day, you may as well ask as they can only say no. It's just frustrating knowing that lots of other brides who have bought at the same shop have got a little discount or veil thrown in! I'm not too bothered as I love my dress so its not the end of the world but I will be asking everyone else for sure! What's the harm?
  • I always ask for discount regardless it doesnt embarass me at all i have managed to get an amazing deal on the wedding venue which i have saved £300 on, i didnt want the caterers exclusive package so designed one very similiar but without 2 of the canapes and thats been reduced by over £270, we are taking both the video and photos from our photographer and have saved ourselves £550 by doing so i have also got 3 cars for the price of 2 saving £175... I do think as soon as companies hear the word wedding they add on money as they think that people will pay the price regardless well i for one wont be doing so i have contacted several companies with my own design for the wedding cake and have been quoted between £400-£850 for a CAKE!!!! a friend of mine owns her own bakery and has said for a cake of that design i should be paying between £200-£250 max so companies do make a huge profit on our wedding days x

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    I did the same. After helping my secretary plan how to ask for a discount, I then went to the same shop and didn't ask myself! Having said that, I loved the dress and I'd been back and forth to the shop loads and got really stressed, and theyd been really helpful, so they deserved the extra! Also, I didn't buy anything else from them- just the dress, so my bargaining power was lower anyway and I saved loads more than the 10% discount my secretary got (she bought dress, tiara and veil all in one go) by shopping around.

    I got discount on other stuff by asking and offering to pay cash. I don't see any harm in asking - some suppliers said no, and that's fine. It's up to them. I know someone who is a wedding organiser at a large venue and she told me ages ago that they factor some wriggle room into their prices as they expect most to ask!!
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