Do we need to give notice together

We are really struggling to find a date that we can both go to give notice.

I am a teacher so could go during half term but H2B is being sent abroad during that week so he cant. But works shifts so could go at another time.

Does anyone know if we need to go together? Or can we go separately? I really would like to be together as it seems like such a big part of everything but I cant see how it would be possible.


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    We have been told to go together as we live together, if you lived in seperate counties you could do it seperatly but other than that  I think you have to do it together.

  • We were told we had to go together where we live as the registrar had to see us together, then h2b was sent out of the room & I was asked questions about him & sign my papers. then h2b was called in & I had to wait outside while he was asked questions about me & signed his forms.  On our local council's website it also stated we had to give notice together.

    It might be different in other counties but we are in west sussex, it might be worth checking with your local council's ceremonies team or checking their website xx


  • h2b lives in west sussex and i live in Newcastle - we gave notice separately, obviously.  I went along with him, but was left outside.  If you go together, you will be separated at some point to be asked questions.

  • We weren't separated at all. Not even for questions.

    It all seems very inconsistent. I would check with your local registrar.
  • We were told by the registrar it's due to sham marriages. H2b said he asked if they get alot of them through the office we used & apparently they do & forced marriages, so maybe that's why we were seperated & asked individual questions.

    There was another couple that were being seen before us & they were taken in & interviewed seperately too.  Maybe we just looked suspicious heehee image

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    Hmmmm, it's all so confusing.

    We live in Leeds but are getting married in Cumbria. We had a letter from Cumbria registrars a couple of weeks ago saying that we needed to give notice by 16th Oct or they may give the booking to someone else. I dont understand why it needs to be so early as we dont get married until Aug next year.

    I am going to ring Cumbria as there is no way that we can do it by then and am hoping that by telling them that we have an appointment they will hold the date (we have already paid a deposit.) But I cant see a way that we can go together until the Christmas hols.  Arrrrggggggimage

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    it doesnt need to be done that early they just want to know when it will be done. we didnt realise theres a 2 month waiting list for lambeth so couldnt give notice in the time frame we had so i phoned hampshire and told them when we were able to book and she said it was fine and updated our file. give both districts a ring and ask them directly

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    Thanks Nats. I think that will be the only thing that we can do.

    The only other thing I can do is ask my head teacher if I can have an afternoon off. But I dont think she'll be all that keen.

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    always worth an  ask especially if you have a free period or anything one of those days.

    my man works in the finance office of a school and he doesnt think he can get time off in term time to do this....apparently its not important enough image

  • I'm a teacher and got permission to do it in my PPA time - It wasn't easy to get an appointment on a Tuesday afternoon  - I had to wait several weeks.  H2b also had to book for a Friday to give notice due to work commitment elsewhere in the country and he had to wait about 6 weeks for a Friday appointment to be available.

  • We went separately, but the husb lived in Leeds and I live in manchester. It didn't seem too bad though...he even spelt my damn name wrong and they weren't that bothered! we went back and did it again. I think they like to scare you with these things, but when it gets down to it it's ok, don't worry. Just call up directly and double check. xxx

  • What about PPA? We are told by our head that it's our time to do all those things we can't do in normal office hours. P and I went to register our bits during one of my morning PPA sessions and with a 10am slot, we had plenty of time.

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    beesteacher...we seem to have had our posts KULLANED!

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    Ahhh now it's all perfectly clear. How stupid of me not to have understood before!image Thanks for that kullan. You've really helped to clarify the whole issue.  


  • When you are in a relationship both parties should take full responsibility for his or her problem for you to have a strong bond of relationship. 

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    Well another pearl of wisdom from a spammer there........ *YAWN*

    Anyways....... We had to give notice together, one of us went in was asked questions while the other waited outside and vice versa.

    Though every regiestrar around the country seems to do things different so I would give them a call and find out!

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    Carlo Cruz wrote (see)

    When you are in a relationship both parties should take full responsibility for his or her problem for you to have a strong bond of relationship. 

    What now???image

    Thanks for all of your help ladies. We've managed to get an appointment for the afternoon of October 26th, it's the day that we break up on and my ppa anyway and my Headteacher has been really great. H2B spoke to Cumbria council today so they know about it. Am so glad that we can go together. It wouldnt have felt right going on my own.

  • Ah, glad you have got it sorted, Beesteacher x

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