Package or DIY wedding???

Hello All,

I just recently got engaged so am very new to this but very excited!! Would really appreciate any tips you have regarding picking the venue. We decided this would be the best thing to start with! We have picked April 2014 as that should be enough time to save and we did some research and that seems to be a good time to go on honeymoon with regards to weather and price, it is also my 30th birthday image I really cant decide whether to go for a 'package' venue where you pay a fixed fee a get a meal, half bottle of wine, buffet and disco etc or go for a venue where it is more DIY and we can pick caterers etc ourselves, and can opt for something more laid back like a BBQ and spend the extra money on entertainment, maybe a band, fireworks etc? The DIY option seems to have more choice and would be something different but I am worried it will look like the cheaper option?? Any ideas??? xx


  • Hey, I'm also looking at Kent venues (although bizarrely I do feel like a bit like I'm cheating on sussex!! image) so I've spent DAYS scouring brochures and websites with my trusty calculator and I really think the package Vs DIY thing depends on the venue you're looking at - some have the laid back style package with a hog roast/BBQ and others are more regimented. Some venues it's cheaper to DIY and some its cheaper to go with a package. It's all left me burried in a pile of print outs and scribbled numbers. So... I think it'll be a case of picking venues that are about the right budget that both Mr Ninja and I love, and then working out exactly how we would make it work.

  • We have explored both options. Whilst I love the fact that you can pick everything for DIY I have found it to be more expensive. We looked at a barn which was beautiful but we literally had to hire everything on top from cutlery, crockery, linen, bar, staff, tables, chairs etc and it was really adding up when we compared it to another barn that was offering a package type set up. I guess it depends what you would really like and if the budget can accommodate it.
  • It really depends. If the packages they offer cover what you need, why not?  As other posters have said going for everythin individually can massively increase the costs as you often have to hire everything down to the tables and chairs.

    Some venues let you customise packages that they have too, as, at the end of the day, they want the business so there can be some flexibility.

  • I was all made up thinking yay the social club I was going to use was only £75 to hire, then when I added dressing the venue, hiring dj, afternoon tea or buffet, evening buffet, and other bits and bobs it cost about £1500-£2000, that was for 40 people,  but I could have a room, all nicely decorated, dj, 3 course meal with coffee and mints, wine with meal, drink to toast, red carpet, thrones, cake stand and knife, evening buffet, midnight munchies, mini fish and chips, bacon/sausage barms etc, for 40 days guests and 100 evening guests all for £1000.

    So be careful thinking diy is the cheapest option. 

  • Girl - get an event orgainser Nick @ Steven Duggan Events 07925 433 934

  • Thank you everyone for your comments. Yes I too am starting to see that DIY is often more expensive and more hassle. I have come up with a list of different venues, some diy but more packages and am going to view them all and then decide. Good luck to you all with your weddings! x

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