Don't know where to start!

We have confirmed the church and reception for September 2013, what should I be doing next?


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    Photographer if thats important as they can get booked up quick image.

    Save the dates as peeps still book hols in September.

    Rach x
  • Have you got a colour or theme decided, I found this to be quite important as most things you buy or look for will be based on this colour xx
  • Have you chosen and asked your bridesmaids and best man?

  • Hey me and my future hubby just booked our venue yesterday.

    I dont know where to start either as it seems to be a huge list to conquer!!!

    Any help is much needed also!


  • I typed in wedding checklist into google and some handy sites came up with checklists of when to do what x
  • So after booking the venue and setting the date, depending on the venue, if there's no food/drinks provided, then catering would be the next thing to sort out. After than, usually it would be the photographers as they tend to get booked up 1-2 years in advance, especially the good ones. Same goes to videographers if you are considering them as well.

    Then its the dress!! Don't underestimate how long this will take you as depending on your availability, saturday appointments usually book up weeks in advance and there are so many choices! I found it's one of the best bit of weddin planning!! Most shops say they need approximately 6 months to order in a dress so the sooner you find 'the one' then better! However, try not to buy the first dress you like (I was so tempted!) and give yourself more time to look around. Also most shops do sales/offers on specific weekends etc so make sure you ask them about any potential discounts.

    Then I suppose it depends on what is important to you, ie what are the things you definitely want on the day and what are the things you are flexible about. In an ideal world, it would be great to look in to everything and book everything at the same time but obviously time is the main limitation. So I would say, rank the things that you think are important like evening reception band/decorators/florists/wedding cars/wedding cake etc. then work on each of them sequentially. I think the usual time-line they say when you should book these is approximately 6-8 months before the wedding.

    If your wedding is on a friday or sunday or within the summer holidays, it's good to get save the dates notice out as well sooner rather than later, eg 8 months to go? So at least you've given them enough notice just in case if they want to book holidays/take time off work.

    Lastly, if you do change your mind and decided you want to go for certain things closer to the time, that's ok as well. I only decided I wanted a videographer 6 months before the wedding and a evening entertainment group 1 months before the wedding! they all worked out fine. So don't get too stressed that you have to decide everything now, just the most important things to you image

    Enjoy planning!! Drop me a message if you still have further questions, will be glad to help!

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