Newbie to planning aberdeenshire

Hi guys we have just set our date for sept 2014 (716 days away!) at meldrum house . We are now struggling with which band to hire . We want a celidh/cover band, any recommendations for the aberdeenshire area? Im also stuck on what photographer to hire any suggestions on that ?

Im totally new at planning so any recommendations and tips in the aberdeenshire area would be great !




  • Emma2014Emma2014 Posts: 594

    My friend had Scott  Winchester - and their photographs were lovely. He's also dead understanding about budgets and stuff. He also gave them an engagement shoot because my pal was worried about her pics and being nervous and stuff.

    Pepper Pot are meant to be a good band....



  • MrskdsMrskds Posts: 396

    Hi Zozy,

    Congrats! Meldrum House is stunning!

    I found it a bit overwhelming at first looking at photographers, there are so many in the Aberdeen area! I mostly googled and emailed asking for their availabilty and price/packages. I think it depends on what your looking for and narrow it down that way, like I wanted a package that included getting all the images on disk and the rights to print them, and not a lot of photographers do that. Oh and of course someone who you feel comfortable with!

    On the band front there is quite a lot too! My friend booked Wonderland, the guy is really friendly and they do a mix of celidhs and modern music and will learn any songs you want them too, pretty resonably priced too!

    Good luck with your planning image




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