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I'm new to this so hi everyone image

I got engaged at the end of August in Paris underneath the Eiffel Tower. It was a lovely surpise. I plan on getting married in 2-3 years time as I know there is a lot of planning.

It was my first visit to Paris and I have fallen in love with it so for my wedding I would like the running theme throughout my wedding to French/Parisian (I don't want it too over the top though!). So far I can't find much ideas or things I can use. I did find place card holders in the form of tiny eiffel towers which were really nice image But apart from that I dont know what else I could have.

Anyone have any ideas? They would be much appreciated!!


  • I think the food is a great way to tie in your theme, for the main dinner pick French cuisine, maybe a croquembouche instead of a cake, or macaron tower. Instead of an evening buffet a wedding cheese cake with French cheeses
  • Hi, love the idea of a Parisian theme wedding I seen some picture of this before in a wedding magazine and loved it but didn't have any significance to us.

    There is a real wedding on this site wo had this theme
  • We also got engaged in Paris and are ising that as our theme. We really struggled to find items to tie it together to start, but we're getting there now. In the treehouse stationery have a vintage style design with an Eiffel tower on the front, but we bought a design from a lady in America on Etsy and are getting them printed here.

    There a loads of Eiffel tower favour ideas on Etsy too, ours worked out about ??2.00 per person.
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    There is also a Parisian font that gets used quite a lot (usual on vintage invites) which is quite pretty.

    It depends how all out you want to go!

    There are some lovely ideas here

    Tables named after Parisian Landmarks

    Moulin Rouge style dancers/elements

    Mime artists (!)

  • Our save the dates & invites are from lovely favours and are called Parisian Scrolls. We found a groupon deal for them. There is also similar design available on not on the high street
  • Also when I was looking for a vintage suitcase for our cards I saw one in TK Maxx that had the Eiffel Tower on. Sorry keep remembering other things! image
  • Hey everyone thanks for responding image going to have a look on etsy and eBay image on Pinterest just now too image hopefully going to get lots of lovely ideas!
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