Cardiff Brides

I'm wondering if there are any Cardiff or South Wales brides out there?

Basically I'm getting married in Tenby, Pembrokeshire, but as I live in Cardiff will be sourcing a lot of stuff here!

Anyone with any tips or recommendations, please post!




  • capriewcapriew Posts: 72

    im a welsh bride. i live in swansea.

    when are you getting married? where are you getting married?

  • I'm a Welsh Bride too - my h2b is from Cardiff and I'm from Abergavenny.

    We are getting married in Usk, Monmouthshire on 1st November 2008.

    What are your plans?

    Hayley x
  • I'm a cardiff bride - although I now live in Surrey, Cardiff was my home until I went to University and all my family still live there. Getting maried in Llandaff Cathedral in November this year and then having the reception at MiskinManor.

    I must have been to every dress shop in and around Cardiff so can recomend places worth visiting if you need recomendations. Also can do the same for florists, cars, DJs and photographers.

  • RRRR Posts: 694
    I'm from Cardiff but get married in Cwmbran where I now live with H2B.

    Got my dress from Pronuptia in Cardiff and they have been fab!

  • Yep, we are South Wales too! We're about to book Llancaich Fawr Manor for our ceremony and reception.

    Absolutely nothing helpful but as and when I uncover suppliers I will tell you all about them (we only got engaged a few weeks ago!)

    Incidentally, are you originally a Cardiff girl, I'm from the Vale and was born born in the same year as you, I might well know you....spooky!
  • helen31ukhelen31uk Posts: 32
    I will be a Cardiff bride too! Wedding will be in the Chamber Room in Cardiff City Hall.

    I am currently living in Nottingham so have got most of the stuff for the wedding from here. However we have used a florist from Welfield Road in Cardiff - she is fab!!!! - I can give you details if you need them?

    Have also booked a DJ from Cardiff but am not sure what he is like (not sure if this a BIG mistake or not?!?!) - He is the DJ from the hotel where we are having the reception (Park Plaza) - if anyone has attended a function there, please could they let me know if the DJ was any good?

    I am thinking of getting my hair done by Toni and Guy in St Mary Street - has any used them/know someone who has used them before?

  • florabugflorabug Posts: 128
    Huge congrats!!!!!

    Im welsh bride getting wed 4th oct 2008 in Swansea!!!!!!...

    I'll be doing most my shopping Swansea/cardiff so will let u knw how i get on...

    Good luck & enjoy :0) xx
  • alice85ukalice85uk Posts: 123
    I'm a cardiff bride too!

    Getting married at the Coed Y Mwstwr in August 2008. I am going to start looking for a dress soon - can anyone suggest anywhere good on a budget?? I only have around £500. Also can anyone recommend a dressmakers? I am really tall so considering having one made!
  • nwos23nwos23 Posts: 287
    Hi, I'm a cardiff bride too - getting married as Castell Coch on 10th May 2008.

    Welsh Bride - I used to go to Toni & Guy for my hair done and would not really recommend going there for your wedding day hair - particularly as its a pain as you cant park near and if it rains it could ruin your 'do by the time you get back to the car. Also, they are always really hectic in there on a saturday. I'd recommend Ken Picton which is just a bit further down in Mermaid Quay - v.chilled and easy access (there's also a make-up artist there which is a bonus). Their website is:

    Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced florist? I havent started contemplating flowers but realise its something i should look at soon ( I live in Caerphilly so something nearer would be better) xx
  • I'm getting my flowers from Wedding flowers by Thornes Florist - they are on Station road in Llandaff north Tel: 029 20560643. The lady seemed very knowledgable and was really helpful and very reasonably priced.

  • alice85ukalice85uk Posts: 123
    I can recommend Ken Picton, my friend used to work there and their make-up artist is very good.

    My flowers are from Bloomin Stylish who have been extremely helpful and friendly but they're based in Pencoed as its near my venue (Coed Y Mwstwr). I read that it's good to go with a florist near your venue as they dont charge for delivery and the flowers stay fresh!
  • EMMA28ukEMMA28uk Posts: 184
    Hi all

    I'm from Raglan and my H2B is from Bargoed, We are also getting married in Usk but in June 2009.

  • helen31ukhelen31uk Posts: 32
    Hi Welsh_Bride 2008 - thanks for the tip about Toni&Guy - would you advise against them because they are so hectic? - The only reason I ask, is that my wedding is on a Friday so I figure it should not be too busy. Are they good stylists?

    In terms of florists, the one I am using in Cardiff is good - I can give you details if you want, but dont know if you would prefer somewhere closer?

    WB xxx

    ps you are so lucky to be getting married in Castell Coch - its just like a fairytale castle! :\)

  • nwos23nwos23 Posts: 287
    Hi WB, I would say that I started disliking going to Toni & Guy when the woman that cut my hair would talk all the way through the appointment (without cutting my hair properly!) and you feel like you're at a teenage posh spice convention as the junior stylist (and there's hoardes of them there) just stand around in black clothes pouting! maybe it was a bad few years when i was going there. But I really recommend Ken Picton down the Bay or Heaven4Hair on City Road. Its still really near town and they really make you feel special there (and are loads cheaper than Ken Picton) Clyde is a particularly fab hairdresser there!

    I'm going to try to look for a florist in the Caerphilly/Ystrad Mynach area due to the location of the wedding and reception and it makes it easier as I live in Caerphilly. x
  • helen31ukhelen31uk Posts: 32
    Hi Welsh_Bride 2008,

    thanks for the info on the hairdressers. - I have a trail with T&G in a few weeks so il check it out then.

    WB xx
  • cas1980cas1980 Posts: 171
    Sorry brides! Have been mega busy so haven't checked this for a while!

    I'm originally from Tenby, (sorry freyasmummy), and have lived in Cardiff for 3 years! I'm getting married at St Issells Church, Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire and hoping to have reception in tenby somewhere but having problems, see other post!

    Alice85 - my budget is also only £500 for my dress but so far have found loads of dresses for that or less! I went to Alison Jaynes, off Queen Street last week and they had a sale rale with loads of dresses for around the £300 mark!

    Has anyone seen any interesting / unusual / quirky gifts or favours?

    re. Hair - my friend actually travels down from London to go to Ken Pictons! But I always go to the Blew Room on Crwys Road, they're really friendly, particularly Paul but can get quite busy!

    Good luck fellow brides!
  • bevan1982bevan1982 Posts: 813
    Hiya! I'm a Welsh bride. H2b and I are both from Blackwood (about half an hour from Cardiff).

    Here's some favours I found on the net- particularly love chocolate by Jessica Walker (especially the shoes in the box but a bit out of my price range!!!)
  • hello im new to this but im also welsh from Port Talbot I cant wait to get married. Congratulations to everyone. Me and H2B are going for August 2010 to give us time to save but its not coming quick enough plus i dont even know where to start. Florabug that where im gonna go shopping so keep me posted on whats helpful and good and wahts not and Lady L i went to a wedding in the Miskin Manor last month and even though it rained all day and night image it was an absolutely fabulous venue i even thought about booking there myself. But the n decided on something closer to home.
  • Hello ladies, I am a Welsh Bride too. getting married in llechwen Hall, Nelson and live in Merthyr. As someone who used to live in Cardiff for years the best advice I can give you is to shop outside of Cardiff. Everything in the central shops is so much more expensive than you'll find in the Valleys. (OK I am a little biased on that front now!). But the price of wedding dresses for a start can be a few hundred pound out. I am buying my wedding dress froma little shop in Pontlottyn. It should be £570 full price, but I'm getting it for £370 as the shop owner wanted to move some of the dresses to make way for the new range. I have seen the same dress on the internet for about £700!! So it really does pay to go for the smaller out of the way places.

    Also a good starting place for ideas, themes and prices is the wedding fayres. Again same rules apply if you go to wedding fayre in cardiff expect cardiff prices. You may fair better on prices closer to Tenby? But then again other brides may not be as budget crazy as me and don't have to worry about the little things. Anyways, I hope you all have fun with all the planning!

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