Starting to soon?

Hey a I'm new to this site I'm getting married on hopefully 14 June 14 we have viewed a church and know what venue we would like and have an appointment which we will book it when we have the quote. Iv got my dress, am I rushing things and doing it to quickly? Cause every shop I go in I'm always looking for bits that I can get to decorate the place Thanks


  • Hiya! Congratulation on your engagement! We are also hoping to get married 14 June 2014...we are big day buddies! I've reserved a date at the church and our venue and we are visiting both in the next few weeks to book them officially!! So no I don't think you are starting too early, there's no point in leaving things if you know what you want, you might as well do things gradually! My next mission is to get a dress! Good luck with everything! x

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    Hi No i dont think its too soon, its never too soon and you can never be too organised! I am getting married 8th august 2014. We have booked our venue and registrar. I have been dress shopping but havnt found 'the dress' yet but if i do i will be buying it. I have bought my BM dress, my shoes, underwear, bowls and mirror plates for centre piece, all the card etc for stationary and loads more! I am exactly the same anywhere i go the first thing i think of is 'what can i buy for the wedding'!!

    Have fun and happy planning image x

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    Congratulations ladies!!! image 

    I'm getting married the 8th June 2013 and I had the church and venue booked in early 2011, so it's not too soon. In fact, a lot of things like popular photographers and transport get booked up quickly so if you book when you see something you like then you know you definitely have it for your special day image

    I hope you enjoy your planning xxxxx

  • Its not too soon on big things as like the others said good photographers, venues get booked quickly but some things u may change your mind on lots of times ( i have image ) so alot of the things i impulse bought i probably wont use .. ( 3 tiaras , wedding dress , shoes ..the list is endless ) x
  • Thank you I will now show this to the hubby to be and he might stop moaning at me lol thanks everyone! And yay a wedding day buddy i would be interested to hear some of your ideas and plans that you are making image xxx
  • No, not too soon at all. We're getting married 24th May 2014. Church is booked and just about to confirm venue on Tuesday. Dress shopping on Thursday which I'm slightly nervous about. Agreed about photographers - the good one's get booked fast (my H2b is a photographer, so we see it going bonkers early!). If it's any consolation I'm getting moaned at too, but I want us to enjoy the planning. My advice would be to get the bigger stuff pinned down and sweat about the small stuff later on. x
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    I'm a 2014 bride too. July or August but haven't got a confimed date yet. Yet no one I have contacted has said its too early to be organised. Infact some photographers have limited availability already! (Helpful to know when booking a date!) I'm scared that if I get it all oranised too soon I won't get to savour the planning and I won't get properly excited! It sounds so silly to say it! Get organised as soon as possible....its the best way!

  • Thanks for the advise Mrs S 2B x
  • If your looking for a photographer then please check out my website

    If your on a tight budget then we can discuss a suitable package for what you need (:

  • you think that date is early?! Im not getting married till either May or September 2015 - paid my deposit on my dress - i absolutely love it - found my church and going to have a look at the venue on Sunday - we ideally want to have a child within the next year hence why we are trying to book everything now so its easier to pay off image xxx

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    Congrats on your engagement. 2014 does seem a wee way off...buying a dress now does seem thoughts are what if styles change, or you see a different dress, or you lose/gain weight? Maybe you can start a scrap book of ideas...and then start booking, buying & trying on in 2013? You have loads of time...sit back & enjoy being engaged. All the best xx
  • Thanks jsshan image
  • Congratulations on your enagement! honestly i agree with everyone else it is never too soon at all to start planning your wedding! I am getting married Dec 13 and started literally the day after we got enaged so 1st Jan 2012!! Dont worry its completely usually to have the wedding on your mind all the time and thats exactly how its going to be an amazing day, all the time and effort in planning it will pay off! enjoy it whilst you can because this year has flown by for me and before you know it is will be 2014!!!

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    We got engaged during the October school holidays this year, so we've been engaged about four weeks? I've got the church, venue, hotel, photographer and cake maker, and invites organised. I need to buy the actual invites but the stds are organised- I've got the placecard ideas sorted, and favour boxes bought too.

    But I'm like everyone else in that I do walk into places thinking "is there anything here that would be useful?" I've tried some dresses on- what a lovely way to spend a day - and I thoroughly recommend doing it!

    But I'd just relax and see what falls in your lap.... That's what we did!

  • Well iv bought the bridesmaid shoes and their dresses which I got last night I know people will be saying but they could fluctuate in size but I bought them for less than ??30 each so at that price it's a bargain!

    Congratulations by the way happy planning image xx
  • Never too soon!!! We're the 9th August 2014 and we booked the reception venue exactly 2 years ahead! I've got my dress, the church is booked, the cars are booked, we've ordered the bridesmaid dresses, the band, dj and harpist are all booked too, as is the photographer but only because we get him as part of our reception package... I say the sooner you get the big things done the more time you have to spend on the little fun things! xxx

  • Hi! I'm getting married may 2014 and wish I had more stuff sorted. It's never too soon! I say the earlier you start the better. You'll be more organised and get the pick of the bunch.

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