how do you know?

I was just wondering how did you know the dress you picked was your dress?

Ive been dress shopping and i have fallen in love with a dress. its in a size smaller than i am at the moment so it doesnt look right on me at the moment. So ive decided i am not ordering it until february so i can hopefully lose another half a stone or so by then so it should fit fine by then but did you have that "oh my god this is my dress" feeling?

ive not had that oh my good feeling so i dont know whether its because i dont actually love the dress or whether its because i know its not the right size so i not getting my hopes up. 

it doesnt help my sister in law to be is getting married 3months before me and i am seriously stressing out about my dress as weve got a very similar style. i really hope she doesnt go for a similar dress.



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    not sure if its quite the same but i havent had that moment yet and i think its because i havent finished my dress yet. i really like it and when i had it on i didnt really want to take it off but i didnt feel as awe-shockingly amazing as i thought i would but i think i might when i try it on when its finnished. perhaps it is the same, maybe if you try it on when it fits you will feel different

  • Yeah i know what you mean. i didnt want to take the dress of its absolutely stunning but ive just not had that oh my god im getting married and im going to be a bride moment. i hope in february ill have it and it will all become more real. 

  • I am also waiting for "the moment" with a dress.

    I have tried on lots of dresses and have loved several of them but haven't had that "oh my god - this is the one" feeling that everyone talks about.

    Maybe it is the size thing because the one I love the most was too small for me too....

    Would be interested to know what other people say.... image

    Sorry this isn't very helpful!! X
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    if youre not that sort of person your not that sort of person. i cried loads in the first dress i tried on thinking...oh my i really am getting married... but  it wasnt the dress for me so can work either way.make sure you keep trying dresses just in case because the other thing is if you do really love that dress youll compare every other dress you tr y on to it


    (we need pictures in  return for these wise words btwimage )

  • I was the same until I found my dress. I tried on a few and whilst I liked them there was no 'This is the dress' until I tried on 'my' dress. I became all bouncy and happy and didn't want to take it off. When I tried others on I compared them to 'my' dress and I knew I didn't want a different one. image

  • I agree with the above - I was so happy with mine and when comparing it to others, kept referring to it as 'my dress' as opposed to 'the one with the lace' etc. 

    One thing that helped me was that my dress was a sample of a discontinued style. It was literally the last mum asked me how I would feel if we went back to the shop and I found out it had been sold and I knew I would have been devastated. Try thinking like that - if someone told you you couldn't have it would it be the end of the world or would you just think 'meh'.

    I should add that I'm not the kind of girl who has been planning her wedding since she was 5 and didn't get gooey or anything but I knew deep down that that was the dress I wanted my new husband to turn around and see me in. (Shame he didn't turn around on the day, mind!)

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    I tried on my dress on my first shopping trip. I had been to a store where all of the dresses were old and dirty and just happened to stop in at the second shop and they fit me in between appointments. I didnt even really like it off and only tried it because my mum loved it. I really liked it and kept looking at it on google but convinced myself that I only liked it because it was the only nice dress that I had tried.

    7 shops later I still hadnt had that feeling and went back to the shop to try on one that I'd seen in the window. I  tried on the dress for the second time and had that moment. Seriously I didnt think I would be that kind of person, but I suddenly got shaky and very hot and a bit tearful. I ordered it there and then.

    Maybe you need to do the same, try on some more and if you still haven't had that moment go back and try on that one again.

    Good luck with finding your dress.

  • I have to say when I tried on 'my dress' I knew it was 'the one' before the lady even finished getting me in it!! She was asking me questions about where we were getting married etc and I just couldn't answer cos there was this massive lump in my throat!!!! I walked out to my waiting mum and said 'I think we may have found the dress' and we both promptly welled up and had a tear or two. It is everything I said I didn't want but when I have it on I feel sooooooooo amazing image

    I tried on several more 'just to check' but absolutely nothing compares. Have now placed my order and will go in January to get my initial measurements done.

    Cannot wait for my H2B to see me in it.
  • Oh and I agree with littleberkshirebride, imagine the dress is gone for good, would you be inconsolable!!!!
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    I'm not expecting that wave of emotion either. I think it depends on if you are that kind of person. I don't get that emotional about stuff...I was really happy (couldn't stop grinning) when H2B proposed but I didn't cry or anything so I'm certainly not expecting that for a dress!

  • I did a bit of an odd shopping trip when I bought my dress...I went to a shop where they have loads of dresses and you didn't need an appointment, then pretty much stayed there all day and tried on what felt like every flipping dress in the shop.

    The first few looked ok, then about 20-30 dresses later, I had narrowed it down to 4 and agreed that we would have a lunch break and I'd try them on again later in the afternoon.  As we left, Mum picked out a dress and it was put to one side as a last dress for me to try on before re-trying the short listed dresses.

    So back from lunch, tried on the dress and before I'd even seen myself in the mirror it just felt so right!  And I did get a bit emotional, but I think that's because all of a sudden I thought "yes, this is how I want to look at my wedding"

    But to be honest, I think I only got that feeling because I'd tried on so many that were nice but not quite "me", so when I did find something that was just right, I really knew it.  I think I would have loved it just as much if it had been the first dress I tried on, but just not got so emotional.

    Also bear in mind that everyone reacts to things differently, so don't put pressure on yourself to feel a certain way, you are the person that knows yourself the best and you will know when you find what you want....there may not be floods of tears (or there may well be!) but you will know image

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    Dont panic. I didnt have this moment when i picked mine. I saw it first in magazines and knew it was the dress i liked the most, when i put it on - with great difficulty as it was two sizes too small i thought it was lovely but i didnt cry neither did my mum or sister. After then trying on about 50 other dresses I knew it was the one I wanted to wear and i love it but i dont think i had that this is the one moment. However, im desperate for it to arrive in the shop in my size so i can see how it will look....

    I wouldnt worry too much! good luck

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    Mine was quite strange to be honest - I went in looking for an Alfred Angelo dress, but the lovely lady at the shop had tried all week to get it but just couldn't. She suggested that I take a look at other dresses and we could see what style I liked and what looked best. I looked through loads of dresses and stumbled across one. I couldn't imagine what they'd look like on because they look so different on hangers! I said I like this one and moved on. Ten minutes later I found myself going back to the one I'd said I liked. Madi put it in the dressing room and asked if she could pick a few for me to try and she and my Mom went mad choosing different dresses. I think I tried on about 20 different dresses but when it came to the one I'd picked I knew it was for me immediately. I didnt get that rush though. I went out to see my Mom who burst into tears and said how beautfiul I looked - THEN I felt it! I cried too and looked in the mirror. Then I did a Monica and said "I'm so happy for me!!!!" which made everyone laugh and I didn't want to take it off! I tried on a few others after but my mind was made up..... the rest as they say..... is history! I got the dress and it's now sat in my Moms wardrobe!

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    I knoew my dress was 'the dress' because it made my mum and dad cry lol. It was the very first dress in the very first shop and i didnt want to try on anymore, it was perfect.

    But, I did have a very very close 2nd that was completely different. i think if my dress had been discontinued or I couldnt order it for whatever reason I would have ordered dress 2.

    I think the main thing is- can you imagine yourself walking down the aisle and saying your vows in the dress? This is what maes it THE dress image

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    i only tried on one dress and its the one i ended up buying. I didnt have a wave of emotion, i was just along the lines of "yeah this suits me", it ticks all my boxes in terms of (colour, length, detail, style, fitting). I couldnt find fault with it at all. Other customer in the store also commented how I really suited yah I was happy and went with it. I go with anyone when trying it on. image

  • LouBLouB Posts: 1,129 New bride

    I had seen mine online and thought it was beautiful. I knew I wanted to try it on, even if just to rule it out. The first shop I went to didn't have it, but I tried on a few, thought they were all 'nice' but not for me. When I did get to try the one I'd eyed up online it was 2-3 sizes too big, so it was really hard to get all soppy about it (which isn't really my style anyway!), but looking back at the online pic afterwards I was convinced it was by far the best. So I tried it again, with a couple of others and just loved it - I just thought everything about it was perfect, whereas all the other dresses there was something I didn't like. I also didn't want to take it off! It's different for everyone. If you've found one you love it's probably right for you!

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    I thought i had the one... tried it, didnt want to take it off, it looked great, and went for it without hesitation - grinned the whole drive home!

    Then i began to have some small wobbles over it, but convinced myself it was ok, afterall it was a beautiful dress! Tried on another to see if it would make up my mind, and felt totally different. I'm not an emotional person, but i literally get butterflies when i think about wearing the new dress, which is totally not me at all! It was an expensive mistake, but more than worth it. If someone told me that i couldnt wear my new dress i would be genuinely upset!

  • Ive had so many moments in work thinking about the dress and the venue and wearing the dress in the venue and they put a smile on my face so im assuming its a good sign image. xx

  • rubycupcakesx - dont even get me started on how exciting all this is. i was in hobbycraft today and was having all these ideas of what i could do. i had to leave before i spent all my money on the most pointless stuff haha. 

    I keep thinking of my dress (i also have a picture on my phone) and it is a lovely dress i can see myself in it i just think i need to try on more dresses and get it out of my system. i cant wait to go and try it on again in february. might have to make a trip to the shop before hand. haha.xx

  • I tried on about 10 differenent dresses from 2 different shops. I knew that the last one that I tried on in the 1st shop was the one, but I wanted to make sure buy trying others on. I took my two bridesmaids with and they took loads of photos so that we could look back on them to help us afterwards. 

    Once we had looked at them all again, we could see that the one I loved was the one was  last one in the first shop as I just seamed and felt so comfortable in it.

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