Need help with colours please

Hi, Im needing help with colours please. I originally wanted dusky pink and ivory as my colours, now my teenage daughter is refusing to wear a pink bridesmaid dress and best man and oh are not keen either . I really want pink and ivory flowers, can anyone suggest colours that will go with these please . My venue is very red in colour( a Victorian mansion house) Thank you


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    I would suggest trying to stick to the pastel type of thing, however, with a red venue it'll be so difficult to keep the same pallette!  Are you really set on pink? 

    The nearest thing to pink is purple, a darker purple that is which will work with the venue... just a suggestion image hope it helps x

  • Hi, thanks for reply, I'm not totally set on pink, I think it's because I've looked at so many pink/ ivory flowers I'd convinced myself.

    I know the venue is pretty limiting being predominately red curtains , carpets and lots of dark wood. Do you think purple would be better option or something completely different( I'm having a panic I've not got a colour theme). When I've looked a wedding pics from other brides at the venue they've gone with red, I'm not convinced I want red though
  • One of the rooms in my veneu where we will be having the wedding breakfast is red.  Im having ivory and champagne/gold as my colour scheme i think it works really well with all colours and can look quite elegant x

  • Hi Alien Girl,

    CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement!

    Do you have a theme to your wedding as well as a colour scheme?  With dusky pink it can feel very English country garden in which case you could play with this theme and introduce other fun English country garden colours....lots of pastels could look nice..fresh and fun



    You could play on the the dusky pink and blue feel (the coming together of pink/girl and blue/boy):



     Or you could go for a vintage feel so use gold with the pink



     I hope this helps. xxx

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    Hiya, no problem!!

    I'm having purple, it's just such a regal colour and it matches with reds as it's in the same family - you could definitely have a splash of red it spots but I agree - I'm not loving the red theme either. 


     What do you think?

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    Sorry, I've seen another image.. it's a shoe but anything is inspiration image




  • Thank you for your replies , i think the pink!/ blue idea is beautiful but I don't think it will go with venue.

    Champagnes and ivorys are fab idea too. I'm loving the purple idea too, in fact I have tons of purple in my house, I'm wondering why I never thought of it.

    Thank you all so much, I'm so pleased I've come on here x
  • Little peas , sorry I don't have a theme, I'm a bit of a blank canvas at the moment.x
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    Alien girl, I'm so pleased!! I love purple image as you can see.  My engagement theme was purple and I am carrying it over to the wedding too.

    The idea of purple dresses and red shoes for bridesmaid would be really nice, and contrasting! image enjoy planning darl' x

  • Hey,

    Purple could really work....

    Negatives are: it can be quite heavy/dark with red

    Positives are: it is passionate and very dramatic.

    I hope you have an amazing day. xx

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     Thought you might like these image

  • These were my flowers:



    And my bridesmaid wore plum/purple


     It can work really well together. x


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    Ohhhh that looks lovely!!!!

    And you look stunning image xx

  • Awww thank you. xxxx


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    I really like purple and red together too!

    I love the flowers on the left of this pic:

    It can be quite a heavy/ dark colour scheme, but if you keep everything apart from the flowers, BM dresses and groomsmen's ties quite neutral- so ivories and creams- it will look fab!  I love it when you have a real 'pop' of colour against a neutral background image


  • Mrs AyseMrs Ayse Posts: 561

    Jodielou, that looks stunning!!!! x and I agree with the neutral stuff image

  • Love them, your flowers are absolutely gorgeous, also your dress is very similar to mine. You look beautiful
  • Jodielou, I love these flowers too
  • hi - i have Mink- brisdesmaid dress for sale if your still looking- they are mink/dusky pink so pretty suttle and I also went for the ivory and dusky pink flowers and they looked amazing. Remmeber its your day and if you want pink -DO  IT!!! good luck!!





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