Photographers vs Videographers

Not getting married til 2014 but eager to start the search for a photographer or videographer..or both!?

Not got a huge amount to spend. I'm based in Wiltshire. Anyone recommend anyone?

Didnt realise there were so many out there! **

jo x


  • Hi Jojo,

    To be honest, if you are booking a decent 'reportage' (contemporary type) wedding photographer you shoudn't need to also have a videographer - as both will capture all the elements of the day, as you tend to see us shooting/illustrating the same things (sometimes even getting in each others way a littleimage

    To get an idea of photographic prices you can take a look at our website, we are quite often over the Bath, Wedmore area.

    Good luck



  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    Hi Jo,

    To be honest I disagree with Andrew (who I believe is not a bride and just advertising...image).  Whilst photography goes a long way to capture the beauty of the day, there is nothing quite like having a video of the day.  We have some awesome photos of the speeches for example, they are really touching and funny and provoke memories all at the same time.  But it is not the same as watching them back and listening to the things that were said.  Likewise for the vows, a picture can't capture the slight tremble or break in your voice that reflects how you were both feeling.  Yes, some will get in each others way, but proper professionals shoudn't.  Our videographer was extremely cheap (nothing fancy) but he chatted with the photographer and generally they worked together rather than against each other. 

    You may find some companies that offer both photo and video.  My advice to you would be to get yourself to some wedding fayres and have a chat with some people, look at their work and get prices etc.  Some may give you discounts if you book within a week (eg) of the fayre. 

    I would love to recommend my suppliers but they are nowhere near Wiltshire sorry.  Good luck on your hunt though xx

  • What a load of rubbish. Totally agree with welshgrace. To be honest if I had to pick between our video and our photos the vid would win every time and that's nothing to do with the quality of our photographs. It's only since the wedding I've realised that prioritising the photographer over the video is a mistake that everyone makes! I booked our video as an after thought and paid about 700 for all day up to and including the first dance. I feel the quality of the video we got was fantastic given the price we paid.

  • Sorry, perhaps I could have worded that better.... Jojo said she didn't have a lot of money to spend, my point was that the photographer & videographer cover pretty much the same things throughout the day.

    Of course we work together, I've worked with a number of really good videographers this year alone but it doesn't alter the fact that we are both trying to shoot the same thing at the same time image


    No, a DVD slideshow doesn't have the same impact as a great video but if you can't afford a photographer & a vidographer I think a photographer & album & DVD slideshow is better value.


    No, I'm not a bride.... just trying to help......

  • If it was one or the other then a photographer every time. Providing they are reportage the photos are like a picture book.

    Video has it's strengths too, obviously, but I've done so many weddings now when out of a table of 8 guests 6 are recording the speeches on an iphone....etc.

    But that's just an example, whoever you choose, choose wisely as the last thing you want is your wedding turning into a media circus of suppliers.

    I am bias, I'm a photographer after all. It's hard to see the video side unless you work it. But I am also getting married in May 2014 and as far as I'm concerned the use of all mobile devices will be banned except for using them as a phone. I want my guests to be with us on the day not elsewhere.


  • If you are doubting, then maybe you should have both. And the budget size is not enourmous problem, because it's always possible to find an offer that suits you, just it can take a bit more time. I agree with other ladies, cause I personaly want to have our firt dance and other special moment on tape and of course, I want pictures. Hundreds of them, lol. image

    If you'd be interested you can visit this site (my signature). There you can pick a budget size and region and you'll get a list of photographers.

    Hope I helped. 



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  • Mrs AyseMrs Ayse Posts: 561

    People need to stop advertising on here me thinks image

    We were having the same problem, and our photographer is amazing - he really does capture moments and is easy to work with. But the emotion that is evoked by hearing your vows over again, and seeing the look in your guests eyes etc - it can't be beat.

    Perhaps it's best to have a look at your wedding day and see what bits you'd like recorded - they're generally cheaper it's just a few hours.  I don't have a videographer yet - so if anyone does have any recommendations for London I'd appreciate it!!

    Good luck bridechillas image xxx

  • Stephb1986Stephb1986 Posts: 2,536

    Try CPD Film Carlisle they travel all over the UK for no extra cost, I've booked her and she's really lovely


    Steph xx

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