Needing reassurance - Colours!


I'm getting married in August of 2014 - which is ages away, I know. However, I've started putting ideas together and stuff already - We've booked the church, venue, hotel, photographer and cake maker.

I've asked my three best friends to be my bridesmaids , and because they are all so different and so lovely, (and because I'm actually quite relaxed, although I'm sure I don't seem it) I wanted the 'mismatched bridesmaids' idea.

I thought of coral/peach, with teal (can be pale or dark) and pink - like a good fuschia pink.

Question is - do these go? I''ve seen heaps of inspiration boards with coral and teal, or pink and teal, but not the pink, coral/peach, and teal altogether?


Thanks in advance!

Emma xx


  • I think it sound gorgeous!

    I would probably pick one main colour and the use the other two as accents. I would also try and ensure most things incorporate at least two of the colours. This will mean it pulls together well and it'll look designed, not an accident!

    Try pulling your own mood board together. Will help you see if you like it
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    I've been using Pinterest like crazy:

    and it seems to go there - what I thought would be the bridesmaids each in a separate colour, having my bouquet mostly peach-y sorts of colours, and having pink and teal touches throughout the table decor etc?

    Emma x


  • I'm August 2014 too and booked pretty much everything as well - I ordered my bridesmsaid dresses last weekend image 

    I love the teal and pink... not so sure on the peachy colours though - but only because it's not my personal preference, not because it looks bad! 

    I also can't get round the non matching bridesmaids thing that's becoming more popular - I'm WAY to anal to have that, haha!! But again, that's my personal preference... I hate non matching things! image I've seen weddings where it looks amazing though, it can be really effective and also gives the bridesmaids a chance to pick a style that they feel comfortable in!

    As long as YOU like it that's the main thing! image xxx

  • Also - I'm repinning SEVERAL of your ideas, haha!

  • Getting married August 2014!! I've started following your board and it looks fab!!! Colours look great together!!! I've repinned a few hehe!!! Xx
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    Yay! Glad I'm of help!

    We went dress shopping for the first time yesterday - it was a bewildering experience to say the least! So many dresses - SO many pounds! Jeepers.

    Think I'm just going to go for it! I've figured out how to maybe pull it together! Details later!

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    MsMc - I'm getting married 2nd of August - in hamilton Scotland. How about you?Lucy Evans - what date is yours?

    I've decided same dress (if all three bms agree- 2/3 said yes so far) different colours. Same bouquets - nude shoes and as their gifts i'll buy them personalised calla lily necklaces with a coloured bead to match their outfit. They can sort their own earrings.

    Tables are white linen, organza runners in peach to match chair sashes, aqua vases (DIY from pinterest!) and pinks and peaches flower arrangements for the tables.....

    As for the Pinterest board I've two other wedding ones too - all similar colour ideas! Wedding ideas, wedding inspiration, and one day my prince will come!

  • Mine's 9th August in Limavady, Northern Ireland...I'm super excited!!

    Aww, that does sound nice... I LOVE looking at other peoples ideas for their weddings, I'm addicted to the planning threads on here! xx

  • Now following on Pintrest! Loving the Pintrest revolution! image

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    Having a meltdown - maybe you can help?

    I tried on this beautiful dress yesterday and they've given me a wee card with the code on, like they do....

    Code is DH006.

    What is that likely to be? The only designer I can find with initials DH- is Douglas hannant - but I can't get on his site to see? Is that likely to be right?

  • Hi Emma

    I think your colours look lovely together.  Really pretty.  I saw your first post the other day then came across the pic I've attached.  Maybe the shades are brighter than you're after but thought you might like to see anyway.  I think colours work lovely together and don't clash - which on paper it may sound like they might.

    Afraid I can't help with your BM dress.  But are you aware some bridal stores use their own codes for the dresses?  Possibly to stop b2b finding them elsewhere....and cheaper! image  So DH006 might not relate to the designer of the dress,.  Might just be the store's own codes.  When I was looking at dresses, sometimes I got the name of the designer from the store, then had to go on the designer's site and trawl through all the pics to find the dress, get it's real name/code that way



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    I've found her - it's Diane Harbridge's Olivia.

  • That's so pretty!!! xx

  • Ah I love the coral/peach pink with green! Fuschia might be a bit harsh with dark teal, but then I'm not a big fuschia fan...

  • Oh my goodness... This is so freaky!! I've decided over the last couple of weeks that I want these colours for bridesmaids but wasn't sure if they 'matched' either!! & my name is Emma!! Haha. I really want coral but none of my bridesmaids suit the colour? image x

  • If you need more help, try playing with Colour Lovers online. Oh & The Knot is fab for ideas too.
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    Thanks ladies! Xx
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    I'm getting married in April 2014, I'm having a peacock theme, not having any bridesmaids as it's not worth the stress.

    Steph xx

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