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I am meeting with a photographer on wednesday and was just wondering what questions i need to ask? I have a list of prices and the styles she does. I have seen some of her work on the website and love it, (although the package i really want is double what we have budgeted for image ) so is there anything else i need to know before booking? I am terrible at knowing what to ask and normally think of things after the meetings!

Thanks in advance


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    Great idea MRMRS! I am also meeting with a photographer on Friday, and hadn't even started to think about questions... I'll be keeping an eye on this thread too, I need all the help I can get! x

  • Ours was double what we wanted too but we loved her and her work so much!

    Ask who has copywright of the pictures afterwards - can you print them, upload them, send them on etc without her permission? 

    It's really important that you get on well with them and feel comfortable around them. Do they charge extra for extra time - eg. what if your first dance gets delayed? Will they leave, or stay for an extra fee, or just be nice and stay a bit longer as part of the package?

    Ask to see printed albums - do you get to choose what goes in and in what order? Can you change your mind after the first draft?

    Hope that helps!

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    OK, I don't think you automatically need to ask all these, some of them are more for your information. But chatting over it all will give you a good idea of what she is like and how professional or otherwise her attitude is.

    • any set up time?
    •  If you are having getting ready shots, how and when will she get to the venue and how does she see that all working.
    • Her style during the day ie does she like to mingle with the guests and use a small unobrusive camera, hang back and use a long lense or what?
    • Arrangements for her food and drink.
    •  Does she do any work on the photos after the wedding. If so how long will that take.
    • How long before you get your finished album/ prints/ disk?
    •  If they go up on a website, how long before they go up and how long will they stay up?
    • What happens to the digital files? Eg if you had a house fire a year after the wedding and lost all your photos would she still have the files?
    • is she good at handling awkward relatives? LOL!
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    Thanks both! These are great. Copyright is the one thing I know to check about, as friends have been burned by this before! X
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    onlyaninja, We get a copyright cd with all pics taken on the day that can be added onto any of the packages. She seems really nice and H2B has done a bit of work for her in the past (he is an electrician) and says he got on well with her. Good idea to ask about albums and if we get to choose and see a draft, thanks image

    Thanks MrsF they are great questions, i wouldnt have thought of most of them. They have gone on my list image x

  • All the above are great! Also:

    Can you see a complete set of wedding images - 300-400 odd photos from the same day,

    If you are having the images on a disk, you wouldn't normally have copyright, the photographer would give you a licence to print, facebook etc - check this & also if having a CD, that the images are at high resolution,

    What happens in the case of cancellation (either parties),

    Will the photographer visit the venue/s with you before the wedding,

    Back up in case the photographer is taken ill (this is an awfull question but needs to be asked image ) also back up equipment.

    Photographers insurance - both Public liability & Prof Indemnity,

    Do they offer a pre-shoot, really good if you or your partner don't really like (the thought of) being photographed image

    and finally..........do the images in the albums look better than when you viewed them on the website.




    Good luck,





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    Thanks Andrew, it does say on the info sheet i have that all disks are high resolution and all cd/dvds include copyright, but will check with her about it.

    Ooo yes back up and cancellation defo need to ask about those!

    I dont think there will be a preshoot but will ask, and get to look at some of her albums on wed so will see how they look in real life.

    I have noted all those down on my list, thank you x

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    Thanks italybride, i will defo check we can reprint, thats the reason we want the cd! and so we dont have to buy extra albums for our parents. I really don't know about thre copyright thing i didnt thik people normally get it but thats what it says on the sheet but not too fussed about it anyway as long as we can print off the disk.

    seeing summer and raiy pics is a good idea, there is only two full albums on her website and they are both summer/sunny weddings.

    I cant see anythings in background, double chins etc etc in any of the pics but will look extra hard at the other pics she brings round.

    Thanks have added your advice to my list image

  • Make sure you ask her style. My 2 photographers have different style so I get quirky and serious which is exactly what I want
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    Thanks NearlyMrsCook, We did book her in the end, paid the deposit today image

    We have gone for a package with two photographers so it ill be her and another which she works with all the time, they bith do mixture of styles and have seen albums which have had the same package as us so have seen both of their work and its great. She said one of them gets shots of all the little details while the other is doing the posed family shots (if we want them) then does the informal candit shots and she will do shots of just us and the speeches, cake cutting, first dance etc also because i want getting ready shots she is going to do them for me and send the other photographer to get shot of H2B getting ready which will be nice. I now have to wait utill 2 months before our wedding to meet with her again and go through exact shots we want.

  • Good luck and hope your wedding goes fab image mine isnt til august so I have to wait over 8 months for my photos to be taken image did only py 280 pounds for mine on a deal though so i'm glad in a way I booked so early image
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