Hello! Newbie here!!

Hi everyone!

I'm new to the site. I have browsed for a little while but have now decided to join. I need somewhere to talk wedding where people will not get bored of me!!

I also need to start some serious planning, I get married September 2013 and apart from having the venue and catering sorted have not done much else. Eeek!! I'm too indecisive!


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    Hiya Gigglepot! - congratulations!

    I'm also getting married September 2013!

    You'll get loads of ideas and stuff on here. Good luck with planning! X
  • Hello! It's not the best site to visit if your already indecisive lol I know from experience image were getting married August 2013 have most things booked.

    Have you been trying dresses?
  • Hi Gigglepot, welcome and congrats

    I'm also a Sept 2013 bride.  Have you seen that there's a long running thread on here for Sept 2013 b2b?  Might be worth a look, if you haven't already ready

    You getting married here or abroad? x

  • Hello, welcome and Congrats!! image

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