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Experience on off the peg dresses

I have been to a few bridal shops and found some gorgeous gowns but I am curious at these bridal,factory outlets before I commit to a shop. There is one I am visiting tomorrow and all gowns are new and under ??500. Has anyone been to these factory places and bought a dress. I am trying to price up extra costs such as alterations possible dry cleaning and steaming of the dress if its been hung up for ages. Iam all for getting a bargain but the bridal shops take the burden off you. Just wondered if anyone has got any good/bad experiences and did the cost turn put the same as a shop in the end


  • Malb2b13Malb2b13 Posts: 679

    didnt want to read and run. i have never heard of a factory shopsound like it could give you quite a bargin! suppose it will depend on what they have and if you find 'the one' there. I would have thought alterations will be about the same via a bridal shop or if you find a local person yourself. The bridal shop has to be making a profit so there is def money to be saved by nor using them but like you say you get asupport and expertisie from them. let us know hoe you get on!

  • There's two I know of in Liverpool and manchester they are all designer over stock cancelled orders or ex samples at a leer price saving up to ??1000. So will be interesting to see what they have. They stock bridesmaids to.
  • Malb2b13Malb2b13 Posts: 679

    sounds good! im going to google search see if there are any down south! x


  • Omg this place today is fab. A bride should go somewhere like this first. Ive been spoilt for choice all in excellent condition and designer. Ive tried a sophia tolli dress tjat is in bridal shops now for ??1200 and could but it for ??500. Just shows the markup bridal shops can nake. They would need alterations but that eouldnt cost much
  • Did you find someone to steam gthe dress and make alterations in Manchester?

  • My dress was for sale between £950 and £1300. I got it off the peg for £500 in a weekend sample sale. Yes, it will need taking in. But I think it's definitely worth looking at these outlets or consider buying off the peg, as providing you can find a good seamstress if necessary, you can end up saving hundreds of pounds and no one would even know!

  • Not found anyone yet kfreckles but going to a sample sale at a bridal shop they do alterations and steaming etc
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