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Hi, I don't know about others but my comp is not showing your message, I thought I would just let you know because I only joined yesterday and it done the same to me (took me ages to notice!) apparently it does it a lot to first posts x


  • Oh god thanks for that I didn't notice. I'll retype.

    Hello Ladies,

    Just wanted to say a big excited Hi. My partner of 5 years has finally popped the question yesterday. Can't wait to get started in planning although I'm banned until after Christmas. I was just wondering if anyone else done a budget on about ??5K? It seems so little to my friends. Also I heard a lot about the budget planner and you putting in what you want & It giving you a budget where do I find this? Ay tips you girls have for a new bride to be will be fab.

  • Hi rosa welcome and congratulations on your engagement image

    5k is definitely do-able just make sure you have in your head what you want and stick to it, it's so easy to get carried away with all the wedding ideas in magazines etc.

    There are a few apps you can get if you have a smartphone for a budget tracker there are also planning tools on this website, if you click planning along the top of the page it all should be in there.

    Have you any idea of when your wedding will be?

  • Hi Rosa,

    congrats and welcome! There is a thread on the boards called ??5k and under which you could search for, and lots of great ideas in the DIY threads.

    Although you aren't planning til after Christmas there is no harm in reading mags, blogs and the boards. All in the name of researchimage
  • Well that's my idea PinkandPearls. We're thinking 2014 I think. We where going to do it abroad but my parents wouldn't be able to come as my little brother is disabled and I really want my dad to walk me down the aisle.

    My problem is early planning. When I had my little girl I was planning her christening a day after she was born. I've already found a dress I love to pieces, a few venues I like & lots of little ideas. I tried to explain to OH that I've been wanting to get married for 3 years as he seems a little startled I'm already talking about dates ect lol.

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    Hi Rosa,

    We're hoping to do it about the same number too.... Bit tricky - our meal is costing the most...fianc?? wants sit down meal which is what's costing the main part of our budget.

    I'm busy searching sites like inspiration bridal, light in the box and in wedding.com for reasonable dresses - because I'm not paying a fifth of my budget on my dress!

    Getting BMs dresses off light in the box too- I've bought from them in the past so know they're good quality.

  • Well i think i'm only having 2 bridesmaids so that should keep stuff down. Hoping to get them off the high street. Found some nice ones in debenhams, oasis and bhs and thats only a quick look. My dress i'm almost positive ive already found. Its alfred angelo disney princess. They are under £1K and the dress is one of the most important things. I'm a cakw maker so saved on the cake. My grandad is a photographer so i'll save on that maybe if theres left over budget get one for like 2 hours. Hoping to have ceremony and reception in the same place so no car. Yes food/venue seems to eat most of the budget. Like you H2B mine wants a sit down meal. My major problem is i live in Brighton and no venue i'm researching gives parking. I feel that if i'm spending £4K on a place my guests shouldnt have to spend £20+ on parking for the day. So venue is the biggest problem so fair. x

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    I'm having 3 but light in the box is only sixty quid for the dresses we've picked. I've seen some lovely dresses but the ones I've tried on were crazy prices - and to be honest I was dead enamoured of the ones online before I went and tried anything on!

    Could you do a bus? From one central location - get everyone to chip in a wee bit? My sis did that- we all paid ??3.50 so no one had to drive?

  • Yeh I thought of a bus. So much to think about lol. X
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