Small weddings v large weddings

Hi everyone, I'm getting married 2014, only have a small family so will only be having around 15 guests. Anyone else having small weddings? Problem is I really wanted the main hall in my venue which is quite large, do I have a half empty beautiful hall or a full small room???


  • I've got redworth booked, the room I want has a arched entrance, huge stained glass window, gorgeous fireplace. I just fell in love with it. Just don't want it to look too empty image
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    I'm having a little wedding like yours too! How over-big will the room be? You could set up tables around the side with photographs of you and H2B, maybe telling your story, from little babies to where you are today.

    I've booked a venue which looks very grand, so plenty of photo opportunities, but the room where we are having the wedding breakfast is much smaller.
  • Thanks for ideas! V big help. We would prob use about half of hall.

    We are wanting great hall for ceremony and breakfast and Possibly prince bishops for evening as we will be having more guests on night and I really want couple features like one of those photobooths!
  • Think they have open nights every month so mite have a look through image
  • We had 15 guests at our wedding. We made a few sacrifices in terms of venue, we still had our ceremony in the same room that can hold 80+ people, we just moved everyone forward to be right up close to us for the ceremony.

    For the reception we used a local hotel (we could have used the venue for the ceremony but it seemed a bit wasteful to me), and we used another room that could holds 50+ for a sit down meal (we took over with tables whereever we wanted, plenty of space between them) a big table with the cake on it. In the afternoon/evening we moved into another room which was even bigger! 

    I think it's totally possible to fill a bigger space with enough decorations & loveliness that it wont feel empty to the guests. If you had a couple of tables with different things on them (guest book), some flowers/candles it would look beautiful.





  • Some great ideas, thanks!
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