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My fiance and I have booked our reception venue in Sussex but they don't do ceremonies. We aren't religious so it would seem hypocritical of us to get married in a church and ideally we wouldn't want to do it in a hotel. The other issues are that we want our photos done in Brighton (i.e. on the beach, near our house etc...) but most of the other registered venues in Brighton can only accomodate less than 80 people and we have at least 100-120 on our guest list so far...

Help! Any suggestions would be great!

Thanks in advance!!


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    hav you looked at the dome? I think their capacity is quite high x

  • Why not just have it at the registry office with a small group in brighton then onto the ceremony? Or the bandstand do weddings. Other places I've found are pavilion, the dome, the terraces & alfresco's. Most of those ar close to the beach. I'm having a completely different problem. Found the ceremony but not reception x
  • The bandstand doesn't hold that many people though.

    The Old ship Hotel upstairs is very nice, will hold that number and is right on the seafront.

    The problem you'll encounter is if it's a Saturday, in which case these sort of places do an all in one thing most of the time. Wherever it is will need to be under a roof, any roof in order to fall in with the marriage ceremony restrictions.

    But you're right, as someone who is in Brighton themselves there aren't that many places, licensed, that hold that many. But the Old Ship Hotel does and is pretty upstairs in the ceremony room.


  • Give me a shout if you need a photographer image
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    Thanks for all of your replies... I will look into the Ship!

    We got details about the bandstand (which was our dream as we live really close by) but they have a capacity of 80 (50 seated, 30 standing) which is workable, only if it rains the registrar may make the decision to take the ceremony down to the cafe underneath which only holds 50. So realistically you can only invite 50 to avoid the risk that half of your guests will be stuck out in the rain if the English summertime takes over! I'm only writing an elongated passage about this because when I was looking into it I couldn't find any information on the web!

    Now we're looking into having the ceremony in the Meeting House Chapel on the University of Sussex campus because that's where we met - but we have to apply for a licence from the CoE... slightly going back on the hypocrisy thing but it has great sentimental value to us!

    Could both of you provide your photography websites - I'll pass them to my fiance who is in charge of this decision! image

  • Cool.

    I'm Chris Giles Photography ( www.chrisgilesphotography.co.uk )

  • Have you looked at Hotel du vin? Its in the lanes, we had considered it for ours originally, although didnt go as far as going to view it, I have plenty of friends whove eaten there though and loved it.


    When I enquired I think they said they could seat about 90 for a sit down meal and then 120 in the evening, you can have the ceremony there too

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