December 2013 Wedding

Hi all


Hoping you can help! We're planning to get married on 7th or 14th December 2013 and I'm seriously struggling to find a venue that ticks all the boxes.

Looking for a venue that will be perfect for a winter wedding (got some ideas for decorations so just need a blank-ish canvas).


Ideally it'd be a barn, but other suiggestions very welcome. Flexible on location, but as most of our family and friends are South/South-East we'd prefer not to go further North than the Midlands.  We need space for 130 people for the ceremony/day, with a further 30-40 arriving for the evening.

If possible we'd like to arrange our own catering and drinks, and will be inviting children. 

Last thing (not asking much eh!) we'd like on-site or very local accommodation as we've been to plenty of weddings this year where taxis at the end of the night have been a nightmare. Would like to make it as comfortable and easy as possible for our guests to get back to their accommodation.


Reckon there's anywhere out there that fits the bill? I've drawn a bit of a blank so far but hoping someone can help.




  • Gem83Gem83 Posts: 868

    Have you been to dodmoor barn in northampton?

  • No - will check it out now. Thank you!

  • Gem83Gem83 Posts: 868

    there's also a barn in castle donnington... or mythe barn as well - these are all midlands (Can you tell where i live!)

  • Hee, never would have guessed. Thanks again.

  • There is Mythe Barn in Birmingham

  • We could be date twins! I've booked mine now for 14th December 2013. Our venue has loads of accomodation on site but is a private stately home rather than a barn and can only hold 86 max for ceremony with more in the evening.

    There's a place in Canterbury called Winter Barns. There are a few rooms on site but not that many although as you'd be in Canterbury there will be plenty of B&Bs/Hotels nearby?

    Sorry I can't be more help.


  • I'm also a 14/12/2013 bride! Under a year to go now!! Hope you find a venue you fall in love with!!
  • MRCJMRCJ Posts: 225
    I was going to suggest Dodmoor House too!
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