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So after almost a year of being engaged I have finally sorted a venue and set the date AS December next year. Now I'm keen to get my save the dates out so guests have plenty of notice. Where are the best places to look for stationery? I'd love to do it myself but I'm not that creative and can't justify spending £2.50 per save the date card on top of the cost of invitation etc. 

If I was to do it myself any advice on where I can get samples of the different types of paper and the best place to buy bits and bobs is?

If I get them printed/choose a template from online which are the best sites to look at?



  • google free printables, there's quite a few around. I found some lovely ones on weddingchicks that I used for my save the dates. Got them printed at vistaprint onto postcards which was actally cheaper than using my home printer! 

    If you do use vistaprint get to the last stage of ordering then stop before you comit -- they usally send you a discount to complete image xx

  • We did save the date by email... would have preferred a lovely card but the cost of stamps put me off!

    Homemade is lovely but I'm not creative... and the parents wanted something traditional. I must have spent days looking for decent cards which weren't £5+ per invite. So we're spending £2.80 each on our invitations (eek!) from Twenty-seven. But my friends recommended Vistaprint who have some great designs which are very reasonably priced.

  • Hi

    We are a new wedding stationery company offering a variety of modern and quirky cards in all different designs.

    Our save the date card save are £2.20 but if you order all stationery items at once we can offer a discount.

    Jo x


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    We did postcards.  We used 123print as they were slightly cheaper at the time, but there's also vistaprint. We spend just under £20 on 50-odd.

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    We got some mini ones printed on Vistaprint. Cost about £10 I think image

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    I did a design and got them printed as magnets on vista print they only cost about £20.00 for 40. Good luck

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    i found my supplier on ebay, shes the same one i used for the invites so we could keep the theme etc

    try ebay for invites and if theres one you like then the supplier might be able to do a save the date quite cheaply for you?

    (my invites were £1.25, night £1 and save the dates 75p)

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    I'm another vistaprint fan!  Designing my own stuff, but I have used template websites before now (for other invitations) where you pay a small fee for the design, but then once you've downloaded it onto your computer you can change it around and make it your own.  Getting things printed on vistaprint is great - the postcards are an utter bargain, and if you shop around online you might be able to find a discount voucher too.

  • Have you looked at Sparkles & Stuff? They have lots of beautiful brooches and buckles on there...all you need is some ribbon (and lace if you want) and you'll have yourself a very classy looking invite! The website is

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    I used 123 print and got magnets done it worked out about ??40 for 50
  • Hi!

    I designed them myself and bought fridge magnets from eBay for £18! Depends how many you need though. To make them look a bit posher I've got small organza bags (also from eBay... £3 for 80!) to put them in and I'm hand delivering. 

    £20 all in and they look exactly how I want them to! But if you have less to send then it will be cheaper.

    I'm sending one her household/couple/family so I only need 40 for my 100 guests. 

    Or, on you can buy a whole package of them for like £6! The designer will put the names, dates etc in for you and send a PDF. All you have to do it print and send!

    Good luck! 

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