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We've been engaged about 6 weeks and have booked our wedding for July next year. As an event manager in my day job, this seems like plenty of organisation time but as I read more and more on websites, forums, in magazines etc. the more I realise it's actually relatively short notice!

The venue is booked and the save the dates are out but now comes the task of booking photographer, hairdresser and make up... We booked the venue (near Maidstone) because we liked it and it isn't too far from the other half's parents, but I don't actually know the area at all so...

If anyone has any recommendations for photographers, mobile hair and make up, cheese tower wedding cakes... or anything else in the Kent area, I'd be very grateful!




  • Hi, try the kent wedding swap shop on facebook, there's loads of suppliers on there image xx

  • Hey Carly57. Our photographers are based in Maidstone They're lovely and their pictures are awesome! I'm also using the little flower studio for our flowers. Again based in Maidstone I think and she is brill! Where abouts are you getting married?

  • Carly57Carly57 Posts: 682
    I've looked at Lemonade, really liked their website. Was trying to pin H2b down to get his opinion but with the fairly late notice, think I'll just get on with it!

    I'll look up the florist too, though the MIL is big on gardening so we're hoping to go for a rustic flowers-in-jam-jars for the tables so its just bouquets and buttonholes.

    We're getting married at Kent Life, really liked how relaxed it seems and there are plenty of kids in both families so they'll be entertained.

    What about you, are you getting married in the Maidstone area?

    I've joined the Facebook group too, thanks for the tip DrBridezilla!
  • Hi. We're having Chris Giles Photography. He's a really lovely chap! Hope it helps x
  • Hiya Carly,

    Nope I'm getting married near Canterbury but I used to work in Maidstone and have lots of family over that way so know it well...

    Ah yeah, The Museum of Kent Life looks lovely! I can still remeber going there as a kid with my Nan! hehe!

  • I'm also using Lemonade, they've been really lovely, so would definitely reccomend working with them. I'm not sure about anything else, as I'm still getting to grips with it myself and hoping for a lot of DIY stuff! Don't panic though, a friend of mine managed to plan her wedding in 2 months earlier this year! 

  • Glad you found the group!

    We are using Hannah may photography she's on the group occasionally.

    She's relatively new to wedding photography but her photos are gorgeous and she seems really lovely! Extrememly reasonable too image Xx
  • CBeeeCBeee Posts: 14

    Hi Carly57,

    My hairdresser lives in maidstone and she's fab - had my trial on Saturday. She also does hair but I am doing my own so can't vouch for that, reasonable prices though. She is Nicola Jane Bridal Beauty. Our photographer is coming down to Kent from Hertfordshire but he is happy to travel, his name is Stephen Casey.

    Hope that helps and good luck! Kent life sounds like a lovely place to get married image

  • We're also using hannah may, she's amazing! and she's based in maidstone! we're getting our wedding cake from cupkates in folkestone... no recommendations for hair or makeup, i'm still stuck on that one myself and only have 6m to go!

  • We're using Lemonade pictures photography too! Photos are amazing! Haven't sorted flowers yet image

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