Newbie with a groomzilla...

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Bit new to all this lark, even though I (and by I, I actually mean the H2B with my input...) have been trying to plan the wedding for over a year now! Getting married 26th April 2013



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    Hello!  I feel like a newbie because although I joined this forum over a year (two?) ago, H2B and I have only just set the date so I am starting to plan now!  Went to try a dress on for the second time today  -think it might be 'the one'!  And also went to see a couple of venues.  Tell me about your wedding...not long to go!

  • I know it seems like it ages and ages away though! We are having a church wedding in the village we live in, 1950s theme (the one thing I got my way with!!) I brought my dress 2nd hand after falling in love with Justin Alexander 8465 and not being able to afford it full price!! have you decied if the dress is "the one" nicki126

    He is a complete nightmare Mrsyoull! he picked the bridesmaid dress colours, the flowers and I am PRETTY sure he would have picked my dress given half a chance!! x

  • Hello!

    I have a Groomzilla too!! image

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    Groomzilla, love it! Mine isnt too bad - he pretends not to care much about the finer details but keeps coming out with little ideas, so i know secretly he is thinking about the wedding more than he lets on!

    His main priorities were venue, summer wedding (i wanted winter but compromised!) food/drink, suits and our exit song - so i cant complain really!

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