I just got engaged

Hi everyone! I wanted to introduce myself my name is Sarah and I got engaged on Saturday! My bf proposed to me whilst we were in Covent Garden and it was a surprise as we do not yet live together which is strange in this day and age but it is right for us!

I just wanted some advice on what I should be doing in the first stages? I have only been to 2 weddings in my life (one when I was 10 and the other was in August this year but I was my friends +1 and I didnt know the people) and I know NOTHING about weddings or what I want.

Also, do you girls have a dream dress in mind before you get engaged? I have no clue on what dress I want. I've bought 3 magazines and I am so overwhelmed!!!

Thanks! xxx


  • Congratulations, first thing to consider is when u want to get married I would say, iv had my venue booked for a year and haven't planne anything else yet! You got plenty time to stress about wedding stuff, enjoy ur engagement, look around shops, mags whatever interests you the most!
  • Congratulations I started buy getting mags and going wedding fayres looking at venues. Then we booked
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    Congratulations! Relax, enjoy the moment and start thinking about what you want. A folder for notes, ideas and pictures you like is good. You won't use all the ideas but itl help you start to see trends you like to give you an idea. If you want to go look at dresses then go to a shop with a good recommendation because it can be very daunting and good service makes such a difference. If you let us know where is easy to get to I'm sure there's loads of people here who can suggest good shops
  • Congratulations Sarah! image I agree with Nats a scrap book of ideas is a great way to start, it helps to focus in on what you might like for your big day. The magazines are always full of so many lovely ideas and weddings it can be quite confusing. But also start thinking about when you'd like the big day to be. This will make a lot of difference to what you need to do next!

  • Thank you everyone! Its so nice to join to forum as I'm the first of my friends to get engaged so its nice to meet ladies who know about weddings! My bf said that he'd like to marry in June 2014 in our local church. I'd rather marry abroad but he wants to marry locally so that the old people in the family can come. I have bought 4 magazines so far and I've been looking online for ideas. I think the scrapbook idea is brilliant I will start one.


  • Wow, you are getting married, so am I !!! The moment my boyfriend asked me to marry him, I cried. I finally find the guy. I will wear my mom's dress, it is a lace one. Though it is old enough, it still so beautiful !!!

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    Hello Sarah and congratulations!  A scrapbook is definitely the way to go - and be prepared to change your mind a bit too - you get all sorts of ideas from magazines and brides on here .... I am glad I kept my scrapbook because I can see how my ideas have evolved and changed.









  • Hello and Congrats!

    don't stress, just enjoy the moment it'll all come to you. image Ladies in here are really helpful, full of ideas and advise!

    As for the dress.. I break the mould.. I knew exactly what type of dress I wanted and have known since I was about 4! But... bit but... most brides don't, just book a few appointments at bridal shop,s go with an open mind and just try everything on, you'll soon see what you do and don't like.

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