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Hi ladies as most brides I'm on a budget and trying to gets bits and pieces as I go along and look out for sales. I get married in may 14 so gives me plenty of time to look for bm dresses and maybe get a bargain. I'm not sure when I should be buying them and this is the reason..... One of my bridesmaids is around a size 18 and has always battled to lose weight. She said she would like to drop a couple of dress sizes before we go and look. She has been losing weight as she has been undergoing fertility treatment which has not worked. She is having another try in jan ( fingers crossed for her). I don't know when to get dresses as she trying or a baby if successful she will be due around step which is 8 months before the wedding and then she wants to drop to a size 12-14. Don't know if I should be getting them now or a few months before too late. It's difficult because her weight and sizing is like a yo yo. The other thing is she may be pregnant and I would be looking for a comfy dress or maternity story for her. Don't know what time to buy them. Help....


  • I think it's definitely worth waiting a while given your friends circumstances. Most bridesmaid dress are ready in 3 months if you buy them from  a bridal shop and ones from ebay can come in a matter of weeks! Perhaps wait until the autumn of 2013 and speak to your friend then. Hopefully by then she will have a better idea of what size she will be on your wedding day. 

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    Yeah I'd hold off. Look at styles your bms like but don't rush in and buy unless it is a dress which suits a bump or is easy to alter like floaty empire lines and such. No reason to not start talking about it though and just because you're not buying doesn't mean you can't be saving. If you see something you like the look of put the money to one side until you're ready to buy. The idea of buying as you is silly in some ways as you can save as you go and buy when it's convenient
  • you ready for this. i bought my dresses then a couple of months later a bridesmaid fell preg but she will have hers this week, now have just literally found out 5 mins ago another bm might be preg!!!!!!!!!!!11 i am absoutly over the moon and i am very very looky i bought 'baggy dresses' so will fit them. she will only be 3 months at wedding. i would hold of if i was you then you dont have to worry. if she does get preg there are some lovely maternity dresses out there. xxx

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