Save the dates.

I'd say 12 months prior- so beginning of May 2013- sounds about right image


  • Lovely. Thank you x
  • Yeh about a year or so before xx I got mine from a website called they are fab xxx we used them to announce our wedding to everyone xxx
  • Just be sure the people you send them to you really want there. I wish I'd stuck to family and bridal party only as later fell out with a friend. Ho hum!
  • Lol always the way hey!! Thanks for advice x
  • Congratulations on your engagement!! We'll be sending ours out a year in advance... Gonna do magnets i think! 

  • Thank you. X
  • I'm starting doing various crafts, done my own save the date magnets, hand painted so you can have any colours etc you want n your guests get a special personalised gift! Have a look on my blog x
  • Stephb1986Stephb1986 Posts: 2,536

    I've got magnets too from vistaprint they are really good. I'm getting married 5/4/14 so will send them out 1 year in advance image

    Steph xx

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