Just got engaged now where to start with planning?

Hi there ladies. Hope you've all had a great Xmas day image

I wanted to wait until the festivess were over to start planning but me and my partner got engaged on Xmas eve and I couldn't wait to start planning!

I don't want to say too much about myself as I know quite a few engaged people and I haven't been able to guess through lurking if I know anyone yet image

However I've been with my now fiancée for 5 years and his proposal wasn't exactly a surprise. We had discussed getting married in late 2013/early 2014 and it's just been a case of waiting for the proposal but finally last night he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! 

Anyway, I found this website after a Google search and after browsing you ladies seem to know what your doing and I don't have a clue where to start.

As I said earlier we don't want a long engagement so would like to give ourselves just over a year to plan. We are also on a £8000 budget. Does this sound feasable? 

Thanks in advance for any help you can give. image


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    Yes £8000 is more than feasable, you will enjoy a lovely wedding.  Lots of us on here have small budgets - mine's around £5000 and I am not the only one.

    First thing to do is find your venue and set your date (remembering to check with registrars if necessary!), but florists and photographers also book up very quickly, so I would start choosing those as soon as you can.  It seems most wedding dresses take about 6 months to 'come in ' after ordering, so you have time to enjoy shopping!  Some brides send out save the date cards as soon as the venue/registrar/ church is booked up too.

    I hope you enjoy planning - you will get lots of helpful advice on here!


    merry Christmas!image

  • Thank you for replying and thanks for your advice. It's really useful. Venue will be the first thing on my list.

    When are you getting married? 

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    I'm getting married on April 5th next year.  I got engaged last Christmas!

    I should have also mentioned wedding insurance - I got a policy at E and L - worth it for peace of mind.

    One thing some brides seem to regret after the excitement of their engagement, is the choice of their bridesmaids, so my other advice would be to choose wisely, or hang fire until you are really sure of who you want and what you expect of them - you will see there are lots of threads on the forum started by brides regretting their choice or frustrated that their expectations of their bridemaids - whether high or low - don't match the expectations of the attendants they ahve chosen!  This, very sadly, seems to cause a great deal of stress and upset and can really spoil the enjoyment of planning and organising a wedding as well as putting a strain on friendships and family relationships - miserable for all concerned.

    Good luck - looking forward to hearing about your plans - will you start a planning thread?image



    Lots of photos of my planning so far on http://www.youandyourwedding.co.uk/forum/planning/planning-our-afternoon-tea-in-april-wedding/375836-3.html

  • Wow your day's getting close you must be so excited. Are you all organized?

    I would never have thought of wedding insurance if you hadn't mentioned it. I'll have to look into that.

    For bridesmaids I'm thinking of just having my sister and one of my fiancée's sisters as we are very close. I've read about a couple of stories about terrible bridesmaids on here actually but I have faith in mine. Hopefully I won't regret saying that lol.

  • Hi and congratulations on your engagement image

    One thing I would suggest is to take your time and work out exactly what you want it's so easy to have an idea of what you want then look at wedding magazines etc and think you need everything that's in them, sticking to your budget will be far easier if you know what you want and stick to it.

    We decided to have a small wedding with around 20 people as that's what we wanted with a budget of around 6000 then we got caught up in the whole wedding thing and changes to a small ceremony with a large reception and our budget nearly doubled! I however think we have changed our kid again to the smaller weding lol it's easy to lose track of what you really want.

    Try writing a list of everything you need and a rough price and try your best to stick to it, eBay is great for pieces such as veils/tiaras etc.

    But most of all enjoy being engaged, we've been engaged for 5 years will be 6 years the day we get married xxx
  • Hello and Congrations!! image Xmas Eve proposal amazing!!

    Like others have said, guests list, venue, chruch/civil ceremony!

    A lot of brides have also found helpful within your budget, make a list of the most important things to you both..

  • Thank you for your advice.  We also only want a small wedding. Probably only about 40 people. Ebay has already become my new best friend they have some beautiful dresses which I'll definitely consider later on.

    We made a list last night of what we wanted and it seems like we both like the idea of a vintage look.

  • Vintage look is really in at the moment but I wouldn't set your heart on anything straight away until you have chosen your venue, I really wanted a vintage theme but my venue is quite grand and it just wouldn't look right, be preperared for your ideas to constantly change along the way, mine have lol xxx
  • Congratulations!!
  • Thank you. We haven't really set our hearts on anything yet MrsBrown It's just a look we both really like but there are a lot of other ideas floating about at the moment. I've decided that I'm going to start gathering pictures I like and hopefully use them to inspire me.

    Forgot to add earlier Thirdthing I will be doing a planning thread once we get a handle on planning. They will be good for keeping on track with it all.

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    I agree planning threads help - start a scrapbook when you start gathering pictures - it shows you how your ideas evolve and reminds you of things that you sometimes forget!  I got a spiral bound one from Paperchase - have carried it just about everywhere with me for a year or so!





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    I can second getting a massive folder or book to fill with ideas and notes and pictures, I didn't realise how much our ideas had changed since the initial brainstorms and we've gone back and forth on a few things like favours and songs.

    If you're buying a lot front ebay make sure you also sign up for or link your nectar card as we've saved ourselves a fortune on our booze already paying for it with nectar points and we've still got seven months of nectar points to collect

    Don't get too stressed and try not to listen to too many people, it's what's important to you and you partner that counts!
  • Oh wow thirdthing your plans look great. I really like the flower pages especially. Very vintagey. 

    Nats I already have a nector card but I never knew you could use it on ebay. That will come in really handy. I buy practically everything on ebay so I could have saved myself a fortune.

    Update, the photo gathering has begun. Was working today so didn't have time to buy a scrap book so saved a load of pictures on the computer to show the oh later.

  • Congratulations on the engagement! Just don't stress out too much on the planning, remember to have fun preparing too. xx

  • Hello Ladies,


    I know knowing where to start is the most exciting and yet confusing start to your new life and I wish to offer you a hand, my names Zoe. I'm currently an events management student specialising in wedding management.

    I'm currently making online and hand made mood boards for requested brides and their concepts.

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