Christmas is over, let's get back to planning!

Morning g ladies! Are we recovered yet...? Did Santa bring us nice things? Is anyone else fed up with the rain??? (about to take the pups out in it again, grrrrr)


  • Morning! Santa bought B&Q giftcards because planning a wedding isn't enough and I want to paint my house! What did you get?
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    Ooooh what colours are you looking at??

    I got my wedding shoes (again), tickets to see woman in black and tickets for phantom of the opera so i must have been a very good girlimage
  • Very plain almond walls to make room look bigger...H2B is preparing room today...

    Woman in Black is great and Phantom I think is on in B'ham this year (not sure I'llbe able to go)- those are ace presents!
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    Yeah we've seen them both before and are very excited to see them again! That and it's nice to get nights out because the real push for our savings comes this year for the wedding so we won't be able to spend money like that on ourselves very much

    Gosh you're getting straight in to it! The busy busy busy!

    I do really need to walk the pups but i don't want to get wet again....
  • Hope you all had a lovely few days! I am typing this from my brand new iPad - all those months of hints actually worked on J...
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    Oooh well done! On the hints working I mean hehe, that's very impressive for a man. Is it shiny and lovely and amazing???
  • Morning ladies , thank god its all over . I was having wedding withdrawals. We bought each other our wedding rings as we wanted something to unwrap but didnt wanna "waste" money on presents whilst we are trying to save. Unfortunately its back to work today at 10am even though we went out last night for a few drinks with friends at 6pm and got home at 2am image . Feeling very delicate. Ive just given the bin men a right xmas sight as i completely forgot that to put the bins out so have just ran out in onesie and fluffy slippers. Thats one way of getting me out of my blummin bed ! Well have a great day ladies hope you're all not as hungover as i am
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    michelle, I love the idea of you buying each other your rings, what a sensible idea! I'm with nats of that I have no idea what day of the week it is, I only know I'm not working today, but I am again tomorrow. We had a very quiet christmas really, no major hangovers etc, boys have had a lovely time, santa bought them everything they asked for and a feww surprises too! I even managed to get a few trial runs of wedding bits done, one of the bonuses of having a wedding set during the festive season!

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    The only way I can tell what day it is, is by looking at my pill packet! Mr F has gone back to work today so I'm meant to be doing housework. Obviously I'm not, I'm on the Internet instead.
  • Morning ladies...on a serious post-Christmas down I think! image Had a lovely few days and now OH is back to work and I'm doing my planning ready to email to the head by 1st Jan...ggrrrr. On the upside, I have leftover sherry trifle, Christmas pudding and mulled wine in the fridge still, so maybe I'll continue the Christmas spirit later, hehe.image

    We decided to do cheaper presents this year as well but I ended up getting my wedding neclace from OH! He didn't think I'd have it as my wedding one but it's lovely so I'll defintiely be wearing it image

    Nats your presents are great! Littlelovenotes - glad your hinting paid off!

  • Morning everyone, hope you all had a lovely Xmas image

    Santa brought me lots of clothes, soap and glory products, shoes and bags image

    On a down note h2b has been diagnosed with depression anyone on the Facebook site will have seen my post, but we have been to tell his mum and dad and they won't accept that it is due to work and are trying to blame it on the wedding image xxx
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    Morning ladies! Glad to know I'm not the only one having planning withdrawals image I had a trip to New York in January for Chrismas, we got engaged there last year and it'll be my 30th when we are out there. Hoping to get my wedding shoes when we are there too! Ive just bought these wicker hearts for pew ends and these frames for table numbers from dunelm.



     Frames were on sale down to 2.99 and the hearts are down to 1.49. I love a christmas bargain!


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    Morning ladies! Well I am feeling like a human again after a week of a chest infection bleugh! A course of steriods and lots of sleep and food has done me the world of good yay. Sounds like you have all done very well for Christmas! I got lots of lovely bits, currently wearing my new slippers socks and Cristmas jumperimage We had a lovely Christmas, and it was our 4 year anniversary yesterday! xx

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    That's tough Mrs Brown image Mr F struggles with depression on and off so do message me if you ever want to chat x

    I really should get on the Facebook group!
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    awww mrsbrown i didtsee ur post!! hope u and mr b are ok xx

  • Thanks girls image

    MrsF thank you so much i might just do that sometime

    Hiya Buddlet yeah we'll be ok thanks

     i think its just took a long time for him to realise what the problem was and its held it back until now, he started off with anxiety and i think that has lead to his depression, he got some tablets now and going to see a counseller and then i think the next step will be telling his mum and dad he doesnt want to work for them anymore, which will probably be harder than it sounds as they wont admit they are the problem but the easiest thing to do will be for us both to get a new job and stop seeing them as much as we do.

    He's a lot better now hes been to see the doctor tho and is actually looking forward to having time off and were going on holiday in 2 weeks so that will be good for us both

    Glad everyone had a loevely christmas tho and we can all nearly say were getting married this year yay!!!!! image

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    I got a lovely shiny new ipad too! H2B had it engraved "To my beautiful fianc??e on our last Christmas before we become husband and wife"... I cried! I'm a bit of an emotional mess! Got lots of lovely DVDs and bath products from the family too so I'm feeling very spoiled!

    My kitchen is still a mess and my bin is too full for all the rubbish but I'm too content next to my tree, watching movies to get up and do anything!
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    Hello ladies, well 4 days to go for us now, very excited, just nails to get done tomorrow & pick up my cake that my friend made us. Got my wedding perfume for christmas from h2b and the Pandora wedding cake charm, bless him. Over-indulged on the christmas vodka last night and am suffering, no more booze for me now til the big day! x

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    I've heard lots of talk of wedding perfumes! Is it a brand new perfume just for the wedding? I'm going to Vegas a month before our wedding (stupid timing I know) but I'm considering raiding the duty free!
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    Its not a special perfume, its just my favourite, Alien by Thierry Mugler. I had run out so h2b bought me the gift-set.

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    Ah okay, I've clearly been browsing too many American sites!! Still, that's a lovely gift. Must have been an unusual Christmas this year with your wedding so close!
  • Afternoon everyone! Santa brought me a Kenwood KMix stand mixer and other assorted goodies including a gorgeous necklace image Can't wait to start using the mixer, hoping to knock out some treats this evening perhaps some macarons...

    Not back in work till the 7th, so I'm chilling out with the missus in my onesie and boxes of chocolate watching Christmas movies. Been the first time in months we've been able to spend time together, as the missus has been working everyday since October image
  • LucyluLucylu Posts: 148

    yes a very strange christmas, especially as im moving as well to h2bs house, never been so stressed in all my life. Never mind, nearly all done now x

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    4days lucylu!! OMG i'd be bouncing off the celings! x

  • Loving the wedding perfume talk! image Have just decided on mine after a not-so-subtle trip around boots trying out the various contenders! Hehe.

    Now trying to carry on the Christmas spirit by drinking my very yummy sloe gin while I get back into wedding planning by watching bride wars and browsing ebay and a few wedding blogs! image My planning thread is in serious need of updating soon, don't seem to have done any wedding stuff in ages! Really need to get on with some DIY!

    Nearly at the point where most of us can say 'we're getting married THIS year!' Woohooooooooo! image x x


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    Ooh Chloe, I hadn't thought of the "getting married this year" thing, how exciting! I've finally got my house sorted from the Christmas/ Boxing day madness and really need to cook dinner but have just realised all my pans are now in the dishwasher... hoping I can convince H2B that we should have a takeaway tonight!

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    Hi, everyone - well, I got totally spoiled with a Mulberry handbagimage. H2B completely ignored the present budget we set, but obviously I'm thrilled with itimage

    We spent Christmas with my family, and now we're at my in laws for a couple of days, then back home for a few days relaxing/sorting out the flat/getting back on the wedding diet with a vengeance!
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    MrsPug if it helps i vote for take away!

    I've been making our chair covery things all afternoon -its boring hehe!

    Lucylu have you decided about your dog yet? It's amazing gly close now... Will we get some piccies when you're back and a Mrs?
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    I'll let him know nats, I'm hoping that "nat's from the wedding forum totally thinks we should have take away too" will be all I need to swing things in my favour!

    And oooh Mrs JC a mulberry? Can we see a picture I have a bit of a thing for handbag porn! image

  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    hahaha, love handbag porn!

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