I'm getting married in 9 months, just had a no.2 ..where do I start?

I got engaged on Xmas day 2011,

did a bit of planning but got caught with my second so had to leave it for a whie , now I'm back and we do have the venue/church pretty sorted etc like deposits etc but everything is just 'argghh; especially with 2 kids.

I'm hoping to do a lot of DIY decor to cut cost and add personal touches.




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    Congratulations on your second and now continuing your wedding plans. Be realistic about what time you have for diy, things can take a lot longer than you imagine especially if you're having to stop every two mins for your children. Have you got any ideas about what you want yet?
  • Yeah I was thinking that too, I might rope in some of my mates as they are quite creative.


    thanks for reply.



  • Hi there,

    If you having problems on where to start I'm actually looking for brides for part of my university work. I will generating mood boards either online or handmade and then I will just need you to give me some written feedback and to answer a short questionnaire on how a visual aid as either helped you in your planning process or not.

    My names Zoe by the way; this all goes towards my dissertation so if I could help I would be very much appreciated.

    Please drop me an email with your theme to [email protected]

    Zoe x
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